10 Thіngѕ Trаvelerѕ Need When Vіѕіtіng Cаpe Town

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C?pe Town ?? ? be?ut?ful c?ty w?th r?ch cultur?l event? ?nd the top 5 ?ttr?ct?on? ?n ?ll of South Afr?c?. When you v???t C?pe Town, South Afr?c?, you w?ll need to m?ke ?ure you ?re prep?red, ?o your tr?p w?ll be more enjoy?ble. The more prep?r?t?on you do before you le?ve, the le?? you h?ve to worry ?bout once you get there. Then you w?ll be free to rel?x ?nd enjoy your v???t.

1. Sun Protect?on
The ?un ?n South Afr?c? c?n be h?r?h, ?o you’ll need to we?r ?un protect?ve lot?on, ?? well ?? protect?ve cloth?ng l?ke h?t? or v??or? to keep the ?un out of your eye? ?nd f?ce.

2. Cop?e? of P???port ?nd Tr?vel Document?
You ?lw?y? w?nt to m?ke ?ure you h?ve more th?n one copy of your p???port ?nd tr?vel document? ?n c??e you ?re to lo?e them or h?ve them ?tolen. The?e ?re the only me?n? by wh?ch you c?n return to your country, ?o protect them well.

3. Proper Cloth?ng
L?ght cotton cloth?ng ?? ?dv??ed ?n the ?ummer. The even?ng? get cooler ?o p?ck w?rmer cloth?ng ?? well. Dre?? ?? typ?c?lly c??u?l ?n C?pe Town even for even?ng? ?t the the?ter or re?t?ur?nt?.

4. Good Accommod?t?on?
My f?vor?te pl?ce to ?t?y ?n C?pe Town South Afr?c? ?? the Commodore Hotel. Th?? ?? ? 5-?t?r hotel on the w?terfront ne?r the center of C?pe Town. Wh?le, the room r?te ?? ? b?t pr?cey, ? hot bre?kf??t buffet ?nd world cl??? ?erv?ce cert??nly m?ke? up for ?t.

5. Money for T?pp?ng
South Afr?c?n currency ?? c?lled the R?nd (R). The R?nd ?? ?pl?t ?nto 100 cent?, buy brand levitra ??m?l?r to the US Doll?r ?nd cent?. You w?ll need to c?rry money w?th you to t?p people for ?erv?ce ?uch ?? w??t ?t?ff, t?x? dr?ver?, hotel ?t?ff, etc. 10% ?? ? f??r t?p ?n C?pe Town.

6. S?fety Prec?ut?on?
Never w?lk unpopul?ted ?treet? of South Afr?c? ?lone. Do not we?r exce???ve jewelry or w?tche? ?nd keep the ?mount of c??h you c?rry to ? m?n?mum. The Pol?ce emergency number ?? 10111.

7. Immun?z?t?on?
Wh?le there ?re no ?ntern?t?on?l ?mmun?z?t?on? needed to enter South Afr?c?, you ?hould be ?w?re th?t M?l?r?? ?? ? r??k throughout the ye?r. So protect your?elf from d??e??e? ?? you feel nece???ry. It’? better to be ??fe th?n ?orry.

8. Loc?l Dr?v?ng Rule?
In C?pe Town everyone dr?ve? on the left ??de of the ro?d. M?ny of the N?t?on?l ro?dw?y? h?ve toll? ?o ?lw?y? br?ng money w?th you ?f you ?re pl?nn?ng on tr?vel?ng by c?r. Se?t belt? ?re requ?red ?nd ?f you h?ve ? young ch?ld w?th you, you ?hould re?erve ? c?r ?et ?n ?dv?nce.

9. Loc?l Pr?ce?
You ?hould h?ve ?ome under?t?nd?ng of the loc?l pr?ce?, ?o you don’t get ?urpr??ed or t?ken ?dv?nt?ge of wh?le on hol?d?y ?n C?pe Town. The ?ver?ge McDon?ld? me?l ?? R23.00, bottled w?ter ?? R5.00, ? t?cket to the mov?e? ?? R30.00 ?nd d?nner out ?? ?bout R100.00 e?ch per?on.

10. Tr?vel In?ur?nce
Med?c?l ?erv?ce? ?re ?v??l?ble ?t pr?v?te ho?p?t?l? ?nd doctor? ?n pr?v?te pr?ct?ce. You ?hould h?ve ?ome form of tr?vel ?n?ur?nce th?t cover? med?c?l expen?e?. Ag??n, ?t’? better to be ??fe th?n ?orry ?n c??e ?ometh?ng doe? h?ppen dur?ng the tr?p ?w?y.

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