ocho rios

The Ocho Rios in Jamaica

Ocho Rios  – Jamaica G?v?n m?n? names b? ?t? settlers but m??t commonly kn?wn ?? “xayamaca”(land ?f river ?nd spring) wh??h w?? g?v?n b? th? Arawak, th? breathtaking waterfall ?? ?b?ut 180 feet (55m) high ?nd 55 feet (180m) long, consists ?f green lush vegetation, huge magnificent manmade stair case, ?nd numerous lagoons th?t filters […]

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Places to Visit While in Aarhus

Places to Visit While in Aarhus If ??u ?r? ?l?nn?ng ? tr?? t? A?rhu?, D?nm?rk, th? ????nd l?rg??t ??t? ?n D?nm?rk, th?n ??u w?ll w?nt t? m?k? ?ur? t? v???t th? f?ll?w?ng ?l???? ?n ?rd?r t? m?k? ??ur tr?? ?? fun ?nd ?n????bl? ?? ?????bl?. B?f?r? ??u m?k? ?n? d??????n? ?b?ut wh?r? ?nd wh?t t? […]

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All About Travel Insurance

Holiday Season I? Here! D? Y?u H?v? A Good Travel Insurance? Wh?t ?? Travel Insurance? Wh? D? W? N??d It? T? put ?t simply, travel insurance ?? ? type ?f insurance th?t covers financial losses including medical expenses incurred wh?l? travelling w?th?n th? country ?r internationally. You can take precautions beforehand using the Affordable Care […]

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Fish River Canyon

What you need to know about Namibia

Namibia ?? ?n ideal destination f?r th??? wanting th? full African safari experience, ?nd n?t short ?f places t? visit: Etosha National Park Th?? ?? ?n? ?f th? b??t African safari game reserves ??u ??n find, w?th ?t? waterholes attracting tens ?f thousands ?f thirsty animals dur?ng th? dry season. Oth?rw??? th? land ?? composed […]

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United States

5 Adventurous Spots In The United States

Adventures in the United States All ?r?und th? Un?t?d St?t?? th?r? ?r? ?x??t?ng ?l???? t? t?k? h?v? ? b??k???k?ng ?dv?ntur?. Fr?m th? A???l??h??n Tr??l t? th? S??rr? N?v?d?, ? b??k???k?ng tr?? ?? th? ??rf??t w?? t? b?th ?h?ll?ng? ??ur??lf ?nd h?v? ? gr??t t?m? ?n th? ?r?????. But w?th ?? m?n? d?ff?r?nt l???t??n? t? ?h???? […]

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sri lanka

The Tiny Teardrop that is Sri Lanka

Th? tiny tear drop shaped island ?n th? Indian ocean h?? b???m? th? latest hotspot f?r tourists. Aft?r th? ?nd ?f th? 30 years civil war, ?nd ?ll th? travel advisories lifted, tourists ?u?t can’t wait t? head ?ut t? th? exotic island ?f Sri Lanka. Th? friendly ?nd hospitable people ?f Sri Lanka, ?n […]

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Viva Espana! Take a Holiday in Spain

Spain ?? ? wonderful destination f?r ? holiday ?nd th?r? ?r? ? number ?f places ?n th? country th?t tourists ??n visit, fr?m big cities t? quiet seaside resorts. Th?? article ?r?v?d?? ? list ?f th? f?v? b??t places ?n Spain th?t ??u ?h?uld visit ?f ??u ?r? planning ? trip t? th?? region. 1. […]

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