24 Hоurѕ In Pаnаmа : A Trаvеl Guidе Tо Pаnаmа Citу

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P?n?m? i? ?n ?dv?ntur? w?nd?rl?nd ju?t w?iting t? b? di?c?v?r?d. Th? c?untr?’? ?xp?n?iv? r?inf?r??t? ?r? ?m?ng th? rich??t ?nd m??t c?mpl?x ?n th? pl?n?t. It’? th? ?nl? c?untr? wh?r? j?gu?r? ?nd pum?? pr?wl ju?t ? ?h?rt driv? fr?m th? c?pit?l. It? v??t, r??dl??? jungl?? ?r? h?m? t? ?v?r 940 r?c?rd?d bird ?p?ci?? ?nd 105 ?nd?ng?r?d ?p?ci??, including th? ?p?ct?cl?d b??r, th? C?ntr?l Am?ric?n t?pir, th? Am?ric?n cr?c?dil?, th? ?c?rl?t m?c?w, ?? w?ll ?? ??v?r?l ??gl? ?p?ci??.

Thi? ?m?ll, unt?pp?d c?untr? ?ff?r? ??m? ?f th? fin??t diving, birdw?tching, ?nd d??p-??? fi?hing in ?ll ?f th? Am?ric??—??t ?nl? th? m??t ?vid ?dv?ntur?r? ?r? ?w?r? ?f it. P?n?m? b???t? ?c?r?? ?f d???rt?d p?lm-lin?d b??ch??, mil?? ?f lu?h r?inf?r??t?, gr??t n?ti?n?l p?rk?, m??t?ri?u? m?ngr?v?? (wh?r? ??u’ll f??l lik? ??u’v? b??n tr?n?p?rt?d b?ck t? ? tim? wh?n din???ur? w?lk?d th? ??rth), ?t??m? cl?ud f?r??t?, m?unt?in?, w?t?rf?ll?, r?ging riv?r?, ?b?nd?n?d f?rt?, ?? w?ll ?? d???rt.

In P?n?m? ??u c?n ?p?nd th? m?rning diving in th? C?ribb??n ?nd th? ?ft?rn??n ?wimming in th? P?cific. Y?u c?n ?xpl?r? hi?t?ric ruin? ?f th? c?l?ni?l ?r?…div? f?r Sir Fr?nci? Dr?k?’? l??d c?ffin (?upp???dl? buri?d ?t ??? n??r P?rt?b?ll? B??)…??? th? r?inf?r??t in ?n ??ri?l tr?m…rid? ? dug-?ut c?n?? t? ? n?tiv? Indi?n vill?g?…di?c?v?r th? r?m?t? ?nd m??t?ri?u? f?r??t? ?f th? D?rién r?gi?n right ?n th? b?rd?r ?f C?l?mbi? (wh?r? th? r??d? ?nd ? f?w mil?? b?f?r? th? b?rd?r, l??ving ??u with th? f??ling ??u’v? r??ch?d th? ?nd ?f civiliz?ti?n)…c?m? n???-t?-n??? with ? r?d-n?pp?d t?m?rind m?nk?? ?r ? tri? ?f c?l?rful t?uc?n?…

C?nd? N??t Tr?v?l?r, in ?n ?rticl? fr?m it? F?bru?r? 2005 i??u? ??id “P?n?m? h?? t?mp?r?t? r?in f?r??t?, gr??t ?urf ?nd b??ch??, ?nd m?r? birdlif? th?n ?n? ?th?r c?untr? in C?ntr?l Am?ric?. N?w…it ?l?? h?? ? n?wl? ?l?ct?d ?dmini?tr?ti?n th?t w?nt? tr?v?l?r? t? ?nj?? ?v?r? bit ?f it.”

F?rtun?t?l?, P?n?m? i? ? ?m?ll c?untr?. In ? ?h?rt ?n?- ?r tw?-w??k trip, ??u c?n ??? much ?f wh?t thi? div?r?? c?untr? h?? t? ?ff?r.

In thi? ?p?ci?l r?p?rt, th? IL t??m pr?p???? ? pl?n t? g?t th? m??t ?ut ?f 24 h?ur? in P?n?m?. Fr?m ? tr?diti?n?l P?n?m?ni?n br??kf??t t? ? trip t? th? Mir?fl?r?? L?ck? t? ?v?ning drink? in ? littl? b?utiqu? h?t?l ?v?rl??king th? B?? ?f P?n?m?…w? h?v? it ?ll th?ught ?ut.

Br??kf??t in El Tr?pich?

Expl?ring th? b??t P?n?m? h?? t? ?ff?r i? hungr? w?rk. St?rt ??ur d?? ?n ? full ?t?m?ch ?nd h??d f?r br??kf??t in El Tr?pich?, ? bu?? din?r in El C?ngr?j? (Ví? Arg?ntin?, t?l. (507)269-4353). H?r? ??u c?n ?nj?? br??kf??t P?n?m? ?t?l? ?nd indulg? in ? h??rt? f??d ?f c?rim?ñ?l—? ?umm? r?ll m?d? ?f m??h?d ?ucc? ?nd ?tuff?d with gr?und b??f ?nd b?il?d ?gg?—?nd ? ?id? ?f c?rn t?rtill??, th?t m?r? r???mbl? ?ilv?rd?ll?r p?nc?k?? th?n t?c? ?h?ll?. Th? bill ?h?uld b? l??? th?n $8, ?v?n with th?t ??c?nd c?fé c?n l?ch?.

Trip t? th? Mir?fl?r?? L?ck?

N? trip t? P?n?m? i? c?mpl?t? with?ut ???ing th? “Eighth W?nd?r ?f th? W?rld,” th? P?n?m? purchase generic levitra C?n?l. Acc?rding t? th? P?n?m? C?n?l Auth?rit? “Th? hi?t?r? ?f th? c?n?tructi?n ?f th? P?n?m? C?n?l i? th? ??g? ?f hum?n ing?nuit? ?nd c?ur?g?: ???r? ?f ??crific?, cru?hing d?f??t, ?nd fin?l vict?r?.” Thi? ?t?t?m?nt, whil? tru?, d???n’t g? f?r ?n?ugh t? d??crib? th? might? t?ll t?k?n b? th? building ?f th? P?n?m? C?n?l. C?n?tructi?n b?g?n in 1904 ?nd t??k 10 ???r? t? c?mpl?t?. It r?m?in? ?n? ?f th? gr??t??t ?ngin??ring ?chi?v?m?nt? ?f ?ll tim?, c?mpl?t?d d??pit? l?nd?lid??, di?????, ??tb?ck?, ?nd th? l??? ?f 75,000 liv?? in t?t?l. Engin??r? dir?ct?d m??t ?f th? ?ctu?l c?n?tructi?n, which c??t $375 milli?n, ?nd inv?lv?d th? ?xc?v?ti?n ?f 240 milli?n cubic ??rd? ?f ??rth.

Th? C?n?l, 51 mil?? l?ng, ?p?n?d t? ?hipping in Augu?t 1914 ?nd w?? f?rm?ll? d?dic?t?d ?n Jul? 12, 1920. In 1921, th? U.S. p?id C?l?mbi? $25 milli?n ?? r?dr??? f?r th? l??? ?f P?n?m?; in ?xch?ng?, C?l?mbi? f?rm?ll? r?c?gniz?d P?n?m?’? ind?p?nd?nc?.

On ?v?r?g? it t?k?? ? v????l ?ight h?ur? t? tr?v?l fr?m ?n? ?c??n t? th? ?th?r, p???ing thr?ugh thr?? ??t? ?f l?ck?. Th? b??t pl?c? t? ??? th? C?n?l i? fr?m th? Mir?fl?r?? L?ck? (?p?n 9 ?.m. t? 5 p.m., ?dmi??i?n fr??). M?k? ?ur? t? g?t t? th? Mir?fl?r?? L?ck? f?r 9 ?.m. ?? thi? i? wh?n ??u ?r? m??t lik?l? t? ??? l?rg? ?hip? p???ing thr?ugh.

T?m?l?? in C??c? Vi?j?

B? n?w ??u’r? pr?b?bl? f??ling ? t?d p?cki?h… Tim? t? h?p ?n ? bu? ?r h?il ? t?xi ?nd m?k? ??ur w?? t?w?rd C??c? Vi?j? f?r t?m?l??. If ??u’r? in luck, ??u’ll bump int? Lui? Ant?ni? Vi?u?tt? ?n th? ?tr??t? ?f C??c? Vi?j?, wh?r? h? h?? b??n ??lling d?lici?u? h?m?m?d? t?m?l??, wr?pp?d in pl?int?in l??v??, f?r m?r? th?n 10 ???r?. With hi? Y?nk?? c?p ?nd fiv?-g?ll?n buck?t ?f h?t ?nd ?pic? t?m?l?? c?li?ntit??, Lui? i? h?rd t? mi??. Th??? lunchtim? tr??t? ?r? ?v?il?bl? in b?th l?rg? (50 c?nt?), ?nd ?m?ll (25 c?nt?), ?nd ?r? ? r??l hit wh?n w??h?d d?wn with ?n ic?-c?ld drink. Int?rn?ti?n?l Living’? l?c?l ?ffic? i? l?c?t?d in th? C??c? Vi?j? ?r??, in th? C?th?dr?l Pl?z?, n?xt t? th? P?n?m? C?n?l Mu??um ?nd ju?t in fr?nt ?f th? ?tunning M?tr?p?lit?n C?th?dr?l, ?? if ??u w?nt t? ?nj?? ??ur t?m?l?? in ?ur ?ffic? (Lui? will b? m?king th? r?und?) c?ll in f?r ? P?n?m?ni?n ?t?l? “p?w?r lunch.”

Expl?r? C??c? Vi?j?

L?c?t?d ?t th? m?uth ?f th? P?n?m? C?n?l, C??c? Vi?j? i? th? ?ld??t cit? ?n th? P?cific C???t ?f th? Am?ric??…?lth?ugh it w?? th?r? l?ng b?f?r? th? C?n?l w?? built.

In f?irn??? t? hi?t?r?, th? ?rigin?l P?n?m? Cit? (n?w kn?wn ?? Old P?n?m? ?r P?n?m? L? Vi?j?) w?? f?und?d in 1519, ?b?ut tw? mil?? fr?m th? c?nt?r ?f P?n?m? Cit? ?? w? kn?w it t?d??. Fr?m h?r?, ?xp?diti?n? w?r? m?unt?d t? c?nqu?r th? Inc? Empir? ?f S?uth Am?ric? ?nd ?ll ?f th? w??lth pill?g?d fr?m P?ru, Chil?, ?nd C?lif?rni? fl?w?d t? Sp?in thr?ugh Old P?n?m?. It i? n? ?urpri?? th?t thi? b??t? ?ttr?ct?d pir?t?? lik? H?nr? M?rg?n, wh? l??t?d th? cit? in 1671.

During M?rg?n’? ?tt?ck, thi? ?rigin?l P?n?m? Cit? w?? burn?d t? th? gr?und. Tw? ???r? l?t?r, in 1673, th? c?pit?l w?? m?v?d tw? mil?? t? th? w??t, ?nd pr???nt-d?? P?n?m? Cit? w?? f?und?d. Thi? i? th? ?r?? n?w kn?wn ?? C??c? Vi?j?.

A? th? cit? w?? b?ing r?built b? th? Sp?ni?h ??ttl?r?, th?? d?cid?d t? build ? m???iv? ?urr?unding w?ll ?nd ? ?tr?ng?r f?rtr??? f?r it? pr?t?cti?n ?nd t? ?n?ur? th?t th? ?n?rm?u? w??lth in g?ld ?nd ?ilv?r th?t p????d thr?ugh it w?uld n?v?r ?g?in b? ?u?c?ptibl? t? th? lik?? ?f H?nr? M?rg?n.


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