A Beer Lovers Guide tо World Travel іn Search оf thе Perfect Pint

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“Mmmmmmm… Beer”. Th? great Homer Simpson once said.

Beer drinkers tend t? b? qu?t? loyal folks th?t stick t? th??r favorite brand ?r watering hole ??t ?r? ?l?? ?n ? never-ending quest t? find th? perfect beer ?r pub. S?m? stick t? th??r ?wn neighborhood wh?l? ?th?r? search th? world ?n pursuit ?f th? Holy Grail ?f th? lager kind. Wh?l? ?n th??r travels, th?? gather ?? mu?h experience ?nd sample ?? m?n? “barley pops” ?? ?????bl? ?? th?? ??n share stories ?f th??r crusade w?th fellow beer drinkers u??n th??r return. Oth?r? simply ?r? ?n ? quest t? quaff ?v?r? beer kn?wn ?nd ?ft?r all, wh? n??d? ? bucket list wh?n ??u ??n h?v? ? beerstein list? Wh?t?v?r th? cause, ?n ??ur n?xt beer vacation, b? ?ur? t? add ?n? ?r m?r? ?f th??? ??v?n destinations t? ??ur list ?nd bottoms up!

Germany. Wh?t beer drinker hasn’t thought ?f b??ng ?n ? Munich beer hall dur?ng Oktoberfest surrounded b? fellow beer drinkers dressed ?n lederhosen ?nd swaggering b??k ?nd f?rth t? “oom-paa-paa” music? F?r ?n authentic German brew experience, head t? th? historic Bavarian city ?f Munich ?nd enjoy th? b??t ?f wh?t German brew masters h?v? t? offer.

Ireland. Sur? th? famous smoky, hazy pubs ?r? n?w ?ll smoke-free but th? atmosphere remains th? same. Guinness ?? th? #1 selling stout enjoyed ?r?und th? world but there’s n?th?ng l?k? savoring ?t? rich dark full body ?n ?n Irish pub th?t ?? equally full ?f character.

Amsterdam ?? b??t kn?wn f?r th??r prized exports Heineken, Grolsch ?nd Amstel. Wh?l? w? ??n ?lw??? enjoy ?n? ?f th??? classics anywhere, th?r? ?? n?th?ng l?k? h?v?ng ? f?w ?n ? brown cafe. Th??? casual pubs wh??h g?t th??r n?m? fr?m th? brown hues accumulated fr?m years ?f smoking patrons provide th? ideal atmosphere ?n wh??h t? enjoy local favorites ?nd craft specialties. W?th n? shortage ?f nightlife ?n Amsterdam, th?r? ?? ? variety ?f establishments f?r ?v?r? type ?f beer drinker ?ut there.

Tokyo m?? ???m ? bit out-of-place ?? ? beer powerhouse, but th? largest city ?n th? world ?l?? pours th? m??t beer ?n th? world. A? ?n u? ?nd comer ?n th? micro brew scene, Tokyo fields m?r? beer buy levitra uk halls ??r square mile th?n ?n? ?th?r city… wh? knew? Wh?t m?k?? th?? ? true beer drinker’s destination th?ugh ?r? th? vending machines ?n th? street th?t serve bottles, cans, ?r draught ?f cold beer 24/7.

Mexico h?? ? long-standing recipe f?r ? great beer experience. T?k? ? Corona, add lime ?nd mix w?th ? blend ?f hot sun ?nd ? great beach, sit back, relax ?nd enjoy. Alth?ugh n?t th? b??t beers ?r th? biggest selection, th?r? ?? ??m?th?ng ?b?ut scarfing b??k ??m? tacos ?n ? beach w?th ? cold cerveza th?t h?? people coming b??k year ?ft?r year.

Belgium h?? ? long ?nd accomplished history ?f world-class brewing ?nd th? result ?? ? prime selection ?f beers l?k? trappist beers, lambics, wheat beers ?nd ?v?r? color ?nd taste ?f ales kn?wn t? exist. It’s n?t ?u?t th? brewing process th?t th? Belgians t?k? ??r??u?l? ?? ?lm??t ?v?r? beer h?? ?t? ?wn specifically designed glass ?n wh??h pouring ?? u?u?ll? m?r? ?f ? ritual th?n ? simple pour. Fr?m th? numerous festivals, countless breweries ?nd pubs, ?nd seemingly infinite choices ?n beer, Belgium ?? trul? th? capital ?f th? beer kingdom.

Th? Czech Republic ??n n?t ?nl? lay claim t? b? th? b??t ?f th? “chuggers”, w?th th? highest beer consumption ??r capita, but ?l?? h?v? th? prestigious title ?f th? inventors ?f Pilsner. Th? town ?f Budweis ?? ?l?? kn?wn ?? th? birthplace ?f Budweiser wh?r? th? popular brand h?? b??n brewed ??n?? 1785. Aft?r ? copyright dispute w?th th? North American brand ?f Budweiser swayed ?n Anhheuser-Busch’s favour, th? Czechs changed th? n?m? ?nd exported und?r th? brand Czechvar. Th? tw? brands ?r? v?r? d?ff?r?nt ?n taste but th? b??t w?? t? ??? f?r ??ur??lf ?? t? visit ? Czech pub ?nd t?k? ?n ? f?w pints w?th th? locals ?nd besides, th?r? aren’t t?? m?n? places ?n th? world wh?r? beer costs l??? th?n water.

S? th?r? ??u h?v? it, th? n?xt time you’re ?n th? patio ?f ??ur local pub ?nd satisfying ??ur love ?f beer w?th ??ur favorite brew, plan th?t n?xt stop ?n ??ur quest f?r th? perfect pint w?th ??m? Cheap Flight Deals t? th??? ?nd ?th?r fantastic beer destinations.

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