New Zealand Adventures

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New Zealand Adventures

1. Qu??n?t?wn

R?g?rd?d ?? th? “Adv?ntur? C???t?l ?f th? W?rld”, Qu??n?t?wn ?? ?l?? N?w Z??l?nd’? ?r?m??r v???t?r d??t?n?t??n. If th?r? ?? ?n? ?l??? ?n th? w?rld t? v???t t? ??m?l?t? ??ur ?dv?ntur? “t?-d?” l??t, ?t’? h?r?!

Off?r?ng ?v?r?th?ng fr?m ?k?d?v?ng, ?k??ng, bung? ?um??ng ?nd h?l?-?k??ng, t? ??t b??t?ng, ??n??n ?w?ng?ng ?nd wh?t? w?t?r r?ft?ng, Qu??n?t?wn ?? ??m?l? full ?f ?????b?l?t???!

2. W??t C???t Gl????r?

Th? W??t C???t Gl????r’? ?f N?w Z??l?nd’? S?uth I?l?nd ?r? ? ???ul?r ?ttr??t??n f?r v???t?r? ???k?ng ?dv?ntur?. Th? tw? m??t ???????bl? ?r? Fr?nz J???f ?nd F?x Gl????r?, w?th t?ur ???r?t?r? ?ff?r?ng d??l? h?k?ng ?dv?ntur?? ?n th??? gl????r?.

F?r th??? l??k?ng f?r ??m?th?ng ? l?ttl? m?r? ?xtr?m?, ? h?l?-h?k? w?ll b? th? ?h???? f?r ??u. Th?? ??t?v?t? ??mb?n?? ? h?l????t?r ?dv?ntur? w?th ?x?l?r?t??n ?f th? gl????r? ?nd ?? ? mu?t ?f ??u h?v? th? ???h ?v??l?bl?.

3. F??rdl?nd N?t??n?l P?rk

F??rdl?nd ?? W?rld-H?r?t?g? L??t?d ?r??, r?n?wn?d f?r b??ng th? h?m? t? M?tr? P??k, M?lf?rd ?nd D?ubtful S?und?, ?nd ??m? ?f N?w Z??l?nd’? gr??t w?lk?.

Th? g?t?w?? t? F??rdl?nd, T? An?u, ?? r?t?d ?? ? t?? ?utd??r ?nd ?dv?ntur? d??t?n?t??n ?nd ?ff?r? ??t?v?t??? l?k? k???k?ng, ??t b??t?ng, m?unt??n b?k?ng, ???ntb?ll ?nd qu?d b?k??…?u?t t? n?m? ? f?w.

4. Mt A???r?ng N?t??n?l P?rk

M?unt A???r?ng N?t??n?l P?rk ?? ? ??r?d??? f?r m?unt??n??r?, b???t?ng ? r?m?t? w?ld?rn??? ?f h?gh m?unt??n? ?nd b??ut?ful r?v?r v?ll???. It ?? h?m? t? ?n? ?f N?w Z??l?nd’? cheap brand levitra m??t f?m?u? tr??k?: Th? R?ut?burn Tr??k. Th?? S?uthl?nd Gr??t W?lk tr?v?r??? 32 k?l?m?tr??, ??v?r?ng ??v?r?l N?t??n?l P?rk? ?nd ?x????ng h?k?r? t? ? un?qu? ?l??n? w?ld?rn???.

5. R?t?ru?

R?t?ru? ?? ????t??n?d ?n N?w Z??l?nd’? N?rth I?l?nd ?nd ?? ?v?rfl?w?ng w?th fun ?nd ?dv?ntur?u? ??t?v?t??? f?r tr?v?ll?r?. 4WD?ng ?? ??rt??ul?rl? b?g h?r?, w?th ? h?ndful ?f t?ur ???r?t?r? ?n?ur?ng ??ur ?h????? ?r? w?d?.

R?t?ru? ?? ?l?? th? h?m? ?f Z?rb?ng; ?n? ?f th? l?t??t ?r?z?? t? h?t N?w Z??l?nd. Oth?r gr??t ??t?v?t??? ?n ?ff?r ?n?lud? h?l????t?r ?dv?ntur??, r?v?r??t ?ru????, du?k t?ur?, r?ft?ng ?nd ?k? d?v?ng.

6. Au?kl?nd

Au?kl?nd ?? ? ??t? wh?r? ???l?ng ?nd ??n?n?n?ng ?r?n’t ?u?t ?ttr??t??n? f?r t?ur??t?; th?? ?r? ? w?? ?f l?f? f?r th? l???l? ?? w?ll. A? N?w Z??l?nd’? l?rg??t ??t?, Au?kl?nd ?ff?r? br??tht?k?ng ???n?r?, b??ut?ful b???h??, ?d?ll?? h?l?d?? ??l?nd? ?nd ?n ?ut?t?nd?ng n?ghtl?f? ???n?.

Wh?l? v???t?ng ??u ?h?uld ?l?? ?dd k???k?ng, th? Sk?w?lk ?nd th? Sk??um? t? ??ur l??t ?f th?ng? t? d?!

7. N?rthl?nd

N?w Z??l?nd’? N?rthl?nd ?? (?? th? n?m? ?ugg??t?) th? n?rth?rn-m??t ??rt ?f N?w Z??l?nd. It ?? h?m? t? th? gl?r??u? B?? ?f I?l?nd?; ? r?g??n th?t ?? th? und?n??bl? h?t???t f?r ?k? d?v?ng. Thr?ll ???k?r? ??n ?n??? un?ur?????d v??w? ?f 144 ??l?nd? ?? th?? ?lumm?t fr?m 5000-f??t ?n wh?t ?? d???r?b?d ?? ?n? ?f th? m??t ?xh?l?r?t?ng ?dr?n?l?n? ru?h?? th?t m?n ??n ?x??r??n??.

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