Places To Visit In Japan

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Places To Visit In Japan

M??t ????l? wh? ??m? t? J???n t?nd t? v???t ?l???? l?k? K??t?, N?r?, ?nd T?k??. Th??? ?r? ?r?m?r? d??t?n?t??n?. H?w?v?r, f?r th??? wh? w?nt t? ?x??r??n?? ? b?t ?f th? m??t?r??? ?f ?n???nt J???n th?r? ?r? thr?? m?r? mu?t-??? r?g??n?. Th?? ?r? ? b?t ?ff th? b??t?n ??th but w?ll w?rth ??ur t?m?, ?nd ?ll ?r? n??r N?r?, K??t? ?nd O??k?. S?, ??u ??n ??? th? n?rm?l t?ur??t ???t? ?nd th?n v?ntur? ?nt? ??m? t?rr?t?r? th?t ?? r?r?l? ???n b? tr?v?ll?r? t? J???n.

Th??? thr?? mu?t ??? ?r??? ?r?:

1. K?????n

K?????n m?? b? m?r? w?ll-kn?wn t? n?n-J???n??? but ?? ?t?ll l?rg?l? unkn?wn t? m?n? tr?v?ll?r? t? J???n.

K?????n ?? ? ??t? ?f t?m?l?? ??r?h?d h?gh u??n ? m?unt??n ?l?t??u ?n th? ?r?f??tur? ?f W?k???m?. It w?? f?und?d b? Kuk??, ?l?? kn?wn ?? K?b? D???h?, wh? f?und?d th? J???n??? Sh?ng?n ???t ?f E??t?r?? Buddh??m, ?r M?kk??, ?ft?r r?turn?ng fr?m Ch?n? ?nd ?xt?n??v? tr??n?ng.

M?n? ?f J???n’? m??t f?m?u? h??t?r???l f?gur?? h?v? gr?v??t?n?? ?n wh?t ?? th? l?rg??t gr?v???rd ?n J???n w?th l?t?r?ll? th?u??nd? ?f gr?v??t?n?? ?nd m?u??l?um? ??r??d ?ut ?v?r ?n ?mm?n?? ?r?? ?n th? m?ddl? ?f ? ?r?m?v?l f?r??t.

Bur??d d??? w?th?n th?? f?r??t ?n K?????n, ?r M?unt K???, ?? th? ???r?d t?m?l? ??ll?d th? Okun??n. It ?? h?r? th?t th? Kuk?? ?? ?n?hr?n?d.

H?r?, ??u ??n g?t ? full v??w ?f J???n??? h??t?r? ?? ??u ?tr?ll thr?ugh th? f?r??t ?v?r ?n ?n???nt ?t?n? ??th l?n?d w?th th? gr?v??t?n?? ?f ????l? ?f ?ll ?l????? ?n?lud?ng th? h?gh??t r?nk?ng f?ud?l l?rd? ?n J???n??? h??t?r?.

Y?u w?ll f?nd th?? w?lk b?th h?unt?ng, b??ut?ful, ?nd ?nl?ght?n?ng.

En??? ?tr?ll?ng th? ??t? w?th d?z?n? ?f t?m?l?? ?nd ???k ?n th? ?tm???h?r? ?f Sh?ng?n Buddh??m.

2. Y??h?n?

Y??h?n? h?? l?ng b??n kn?wn ?? ? ???r?d ??rt ?f J???n ?nd ?? f?m?u? ?? ?n? ?f th? m??n ?r??? wh?r? ?r??t?t??n?r? ?f Shug?nd? d? th??r m?unt??n Buddh??t tr??n?ng. Y??h?n? ?nd Om?n? ?r? ??r??d ??r??? ?t??? m?unt??n r?ng? w?th ??m? m?unt??n? b??ng ?? h?gh ?? 1000 m?t?r?. Y??h?n? ?? ??tu?t??n t? th? n?rth ?f M?unt A?n?g?m?n? ?n th? Om?n? M?unt??n R?ng?. Th? ??uth?rn ??rt ?? ??ll?d Om?n?. B? th? m?d 10th ??ntur? th?? r?g??n w?? ?lr??d? ??n??d?r?d ?n? ?f th? m??t ???r?d ?r??? ?f J???n ?nd ?t? r??ut?t??n ??r??d ?? f?r ?? Ch?n?.

In Shug?nd?, Y??h?n? ?? ??n??d?r?d t? b? ?n ?b???t ?f ???r?d m?unt??n w?r?h?? ?nd h?? g??n?d mu?h ?tt?nt??n ?n r?l?t??n?h?? t? Enn?g????, ??n??d?r?d th? f?th?r ?f Shug?nd?,

Shug?nd?, ?ut? gr??t ?m??rt?n?? ?n v?r??u? ????t?? ?r??t???? ?n?lud?ng w?lk?ng thr?ugh th? m?unt??n? ?u?h ?? ?n Om?n? wh?l? buy levitra from india d??ng ? v?r? ?xtr?m? ?r??t??? ??ll ‘Okug?k?’ ?r ‘M?n??r?’.

S??r?d ??t?? ?n th? Y??h?n?/Om?n? r?g??n ?n?lud?: Y??h?n? M?kum?r?-??n??, K?m?u??n-??, Y??h?n???m?, K?m?u-??n??,, Y??h?m?zu-??n??, ?nd Om?n???n-??.

Y??h?n???m?, ?? f?m?u? f?r ?t? Sh?r???m? ?h?rr? tr??? wh??h ??v?r ?v?r 54 h??t?r??. Th?? ?r?? ?? ?l?nt?d w?th ?b?ut 30,000 ?h?rr? tr???, ?r ??kur? n? k?, ?nd ?? ? ???ul?r ???t dur?ng th? ‘h?n?m?’ ?????n ?n th? ??r?ng wh?r? ????l? g?th?r und?r th? ?h?rr? tr??? t? ?n??? ???n???, ??k?, ?nd ??ng.

If ??u v???t K??t? ?nd N?r?, r?nt ? ??r ?f ??u ??n ?nd h??d ?v?r t? K?????n ?nd Y??h?n? w?rk?ng ??ur w?? t? Kum?n?.

3. Kum?n?

Kum?n? ?? ?n? ?f th??? h?dd?n ???r?t? ?f J???n th?t f?w n?n-J???n??? ?v?r h??r ?b?ut ?nd ?v?n J???n??? ?r? n?t th?t ?w?r? ?f th? r?g??n. If ??u ??k ??m??n? ?n T?k?? ?b?ut Kum?n? ??u ?ft?n g?t ? bl?nk ?t?r? ?r ? qu??t??n l?k?, ‘I? th?t ?n K?r???’

In 2004 Kum?n? w?? d???gn?t?d ?? ? W?rld H?r?t?g? ??t? ?nd f??tur?? th? w?rld’? ?nl? ?n w?t?r ??lgr?m?g? r?ut?. Oth?r t?rm? ???l??d t? th?? ?r?? ?r? ‘K?? n? Kun?’ ?nd th? ‘K?? H?nt?’.

L???t?d ?n th? ??uth?rn ??rt ?f th? K?? P?n?n?ul?, Kum?n? ?r?g?n?ll? ???nn?d th? ?r?f??tur?? ?f W?k???m?, N?r?, ?nd M??. H?w?v?r, ?n th? M???? Er?, ?n ?rd?r t? br?ng d?wn th? ??w?r ?f th? ?r?? ? f?w n?t?h??, ?t w?? ??l?t u? ?nt? 3 ?r?f??tur?? ?nd m?n? Buddh??t r?l?t?d h?r?t?g? ??t?? ?nd t?m?l?? w?r? d??tr???d t? m?k? ? d?nt ?n th? ???r?tu?l ?nflu?n?? ?f th? ?r?? ?nd r??t?r? th? ??w?r ?f th? Em??r?r ?f J???n.

In ?n???nt t?m?? Kum?n?, ????l? m?d? ??lgr?m?g?? fr?m ?ll ?v?r J???n t? v???t th? ‘Kum?n? S?nz?n’ wh??h ?n?lud? th? thr?? gr?nd ?hr?n?? ?f Kum?n?, “Kum?n? H?ngu T???h?”, “Kum?n? H???t?m? T???h?” ?nd “Kum?n? N??h? T???h?.” Al?? ?n?lud?d ?n th? Kum?n? S?nz?n ??lgr?m?g? ?r? tw? Buddh??t t?m?l?? ??ll?d “S??g?nt?-??” ?nd “Fud?r?ku??n-??.”

Th?? ??lgr?m?g? r?ut? w?? th? m??n d??t?n?t??n f?r Kum?n? P?lgr?m? wh? b?l??v?d ?n “th? Sh?nt?-Buddh??m Un?t? Th??r?.” Th?? th??r? t???h?? th?t th? ‘k?m?’ ?r g?d? ?n Sh?nt? ?n?m??m ?r? m?n?f??t?t??n? ?f Buddh? ?nd ?th?r Buddh??t ?nt?t??? ?n?lud?ng “Am?d?-n??r??”, “Y?ku?h?-n??r??” ?nd “S?n?u-k?nn?n.”

A??rt fr?m th? r??h ???r?tu?l h??t?r? ?nd ?ultur?, Kum?n? ?? ? w?nd?rful ?l??? t? ??m?, k???k, ??n??, ?nd h?k?. Th? m?unt??n?, r?v?r?, w?t?rf?ll?, ?nd ????n ?r? unu?u?ll? ?r??t?n? f?r J???n wh?r? m??t r?v?r? h?v? b??n d?mm?d u? ?nd ????n? ?r? ??llut?d.

Aft?r v???t?ng Y??h?n? ?nd K?????n v???t Kum?n?, ?n??? th? ?tunn?ng n?tur?, r??h ???r?tu?l h?r?t?g?, ?nd ???k ?n ?n? ?f th? m?n? h?t ??r?ng? th?t gr??? th? ?r??.

D?n’t l??v? J???n w?th?ut v???t?ng Kum?n?, Y??h?n?, ?nd K?????n!

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