The Wonders of India

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India ?? ? v?r? beautiful country w?th lots ?f places f?r viewing. Personally, I h?v? visited ?? m?n? places ?n India, ?? ?t ?? m? hobby. However, ?t ?? n?t ?????bl? t? mention ?v?r? place I h?v? visited. But, ??m? ?f th? places ?r? v?r? special ?nd close t? m? heart, wh??h I w?uld l?k? t? share w?th m? readers. Therefore, top t? bottom I ?m listing m? favorite places.

1. Leh.

Leh ?? ? wonderful place situated ?n th? eastern parts ?f th? Indian state Jammu ?nd Kashmir. It ?? small town ?nd ?n initial stages ?f communications. W? ??n reach t? ?n? place b? walking, ?? th? distances ?r? v?r? little. Leh ?? ?l?? v?r? popular f?r trekking ?l?ng w?th ?th?r popular places t? visit. Th?r? ?r? numerous visiting places ?n Leh, ?u?h as, Pangong Tso, Royal Palace, War Meseum etc.

2. Mount Abu.

Mount Abu, ?n?th?r ideal place f?r visiting. It ?? situated ?n th? hills ?f Rajasthan. Th?? place ?? surrounded w?th cool ?nd peaceful climate. All kinds ?f communications ?r? ?v??l?bl? here. But, th?r? ?? n?th?ng special f?r shopping. S?m? beautiful visiting places ?n Mount Abu, wh??h ??u mu?t ??? w?th?ut fail is, Sunset Point, Guru Shikhar, Nakki Lake ?nd Dilwara Temples ?f Jain.

3. Munnar.

Munnar ?? ? beautiful hill station ?n th? midst ?f thr?? hills ?n Kerala. Munnar ?? ?l?? ? popular place f?r honeymoon couples. But, it’s spreading beauty ?? th? m??t powerful attraction wh??h catches people t?w?rd? th?? place. Y?u ??n d? boating, buy levitra next day delivery cycling ?? w?ll ?? walking though, th?r? ?r? m?n? communications ?r? available. S?m? ?f th? m??t visiting places are, Atukkad Waterfalls, Hydel Park ?nd Photo Point etc.

4. Gokarna.

Gokarna ?? basically ? pilgrimage place, but b???d?? that, ?t ?? ? tourist place also. Gokarna ?? situated ?n th? state ?f Karnataka. Th? beaches ?r? th? mail attractions ?f Gokarna, wh??h ?? posited w?th ? short distance fr?m ?n? another. On? m?r? important th?ng ?b?ut th?? tourist place, alcohol ?? totally banned h?r? due t? ? religious place. Th? f?ur attractive beaches are, H?lf Moon Beach, Kundlee Beach, Paradise Beach ?nd Om Beach.

5. Matheran.

Matheran ?? ? marvelous tourist place ?n th? hills ?f Maharashtra. It ?? ? beautiful place w?th eco-friendly atmosphere. Th? atmosphere ?f Matheran ?? v?r? pleasant due t? b??ng ? hill station. In Matheran, motor vehicles ?r? completely n?t allowed f?r keeping ?t? peaceful atmosphere intact. Th?r? ?r? ?? m?n? places f?r visiting, wh??h ?? Echo Point, Malang Point, Honeymoon Hill ?nd ?? forth.


I h?v? ?nl? g?v?n ??m? ?f th? spots, wh??h ?? close t? m? heart. However, th? list ?? endless w?th ?? m?n? ?th?r beautiful places. Actually, India ?? vast country ?nd th? beauty ?f th?? country ??nn?t b? expressed ?n ?n? ?u?h article. S?m? people mu?t b? visited ?n th??? places earlier, but ?f ??u ??n find ??m? time th?n visit places ?n?? again. Y?u m?ght b? discovered m?r? beautiful meaning ?n th? lap ?f nature.


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Apr 9, 2013
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#1 Scott :

Would love to get out to India!! Thanks for the comment on my blog, i’ll be sure to have a good read through your articles.



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