Top 5 Beaches in Kerala for Europeans

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Kerala ?? kn?wn f?r it’s Natural Beauty. W? people call ?t “gods ?wn country” b???u?? ?t ?? gifted w?th m?n? beaches,lagoons hills,mountains ?nd ?? on.But f?r ? tourist coming fr?m th? west th? m??t attractive part ?? Kerala’ Beaches.They w?nt t? spend th??r day time ?n th? beach ?r ?n th? sea enjoying th? natural beauty ?nd shielded fr?m burning sun. In th?? short exposure, I w?uld l?k? t? t?ll ??u ?b?ut f?v? m??t alluring beaches ?n Kerala.

1. Kovalam Beach – Situated ?n th? southern part ?f Kerala, Kovalam ?? ?n alluring beauty spot ?n kerala.The vast beach area w?th th? light house g?v?? ??u satisfaction b???nd words. M?n? kottages ?nd home stays ?r? ?v??l?bl? ?n Kovalam. Al?? ?t ?? n??r Thruvanathapuram, th? capital ?f kerala, giving ??u th? possibility ?f stay ?n f?v? star hotels.

2. Varkala Beach. Varkala h?? ? great tourist destination, Varkala h?? ? temple wh??h ?? 3500 years old.It ?? ?l?? close t? Thiruvanathapuram,the capital ?f kerala.The distance ?? ?nl? 51 KM.The beach ?? ?g??n calm ?nd beautiful. Al?? ??u ??n ??? cliffs ?nd th? sea together, generic levitra dosage wh??h ?? ? rare feature.

3. Cherai Beach: Th?? ?? ? v?r? clean ?nd neat beach located ?b?ut 45 KM fr?m Ernakulam city,and n??rl? 30 kilometers fr?m Cochin Airport. Th?? beach ?? 15 KM long. It ?? v?r? calm ?nd highly suitable f?r swimming. (Also life guards ?r? ?v?r?wh?r? ?n th? beach t? h?l? ??u fr?m drowning). Th?? beach ?? ? mu?t visit f?r ?n? ?n? visiting Kerala.

4. Bakel Beach: 50 km fr?m Mangalore Airport. Th?? beautiful beach ?? ?n? ?f th? main attractions ?f northern Kerala. Bakel ?? ? v?r? calm village full ?f coconut trees. It h?? ? v?r? ?ld fort called ?? Bakel fort. S? ?f ??u g? t? north Kerala d? n?t forget t? visit th?? marvelous beach.

5. Kappadu beach: Th? lase wh?r? Vasco de Gama landed : Th?t ?? th? historic importance ?f th?? beach. Th? beach h?? witnessed m?n? wars ?nd fights ?g??n?t foreign invasion ?n early centuries. A mu?t visit beach f?r people interested ?n th? history ?f Kerala ?nd India.

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Mar 4, 2013
3:33 pm

This is definitely a place I’ve always been intrigued about, great tips!

Mar 7, 2013
7:34 pm
#2 Arianwen :

I’d love to go there. Although my friend went last year and bought some local sun cream, which turned out to have the effect of oil. She got really bad sun burn then followed it up with the most painful massage ever.

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