Travel Tips

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Travel Tips

G??ng ?w?? ?n ??ur h?l?d??? ?? ?lw??? ? ?h?ll?ng?, ???????ll? ?f ??u h?v? IBS. Th?r? ?? th?t ??n?t?nt w?rr? ?b?ut th? ?v??l?b?l?t? ?f t??l?t? ?nd h?v?ng ???? ?????? t? th?m. Al?ng??d? th? w?rr? ?f f?nd?ng ? t??l?t th?r? ?? th? ?tr??? ?f ??t?ng d?v?r?? f??d?, th? r??k ?f f??d ?????n?ng, th? ?ur?t? ?f th? w?t?r ?nd ?f ??ur?? th? d????mf?rt ?f tr?v?ll?ng. Pl???? ??nt?nu? r??d?ng t? d????v?r ?f th? b??t t??? f?r tr?v?ll?ng wh?n ??u ?uff?r fr?m IBS.

Th? f?r?t ?nd f?r?m??t ?r?? t? l??k ?t ?? dr?nk?ng. A ??mm?n ??tu?t??n ????l? f?nd th?m??lv?? ?n ?? d?h?dr?t??n wh?n ?n w?rm?r ??untr???. B? ?ur? t? dr?nk ?l?nt? ?f w?t?r ?? ??u ??n l??? flu?d v?r? qu??kl? ?n h?t ??untr???. In ?dd?t??n t? th? w?rm w??th?r b??ng ? ??u?? ?f d?h?dr?t??n th?r? ?? th?t l?ttl? th?ng w? l?v? ??ll?d ?l??h?l. Al??h?l?? dr?nk? w?r??n d?h?dr?t??n ?nd g?v? ??u ? h??d??h? ?? b? ?ur? t? ?v??d dr?nk?ng ?x?????v? ?m?unt? ?f ?l??h?l. N?w ??u kn?w ?t ?? ?m??rt?nt t? dr?nk w?t?r, b? ?ur? th? w?t?r ??u dr?nk ?? b?ttl?d, ?? f?r??gn ??untr??? h?v? d?ff?r?nt ?ur?t??? ?f w?t?r wh??h ??n ??u?? ?n u???t ?t?m??h. Th?n ??u mu?t tr? t? r?m?mb?r t? ?v??d ?w?ll?w?ng ?n? w?t?r fr?m ?w?mm?ng ???l? ?r l?k??, ?? th??? ?r? n?t r??ll? m??nt t? b? ?w?ll?w?d ?nd ?r? kn?wn t? ??u?? ?r?bl?m? t? h??lth wh?n ?w?ll?w?d.

Th? n?xt f??t?r ?? f??d. F??d ??n b? ? r??l ???u? t? ????l? ?uff?r?ng fr?m IBS wh?n ?br??d ?? b? ?ur? t? ?t??k t? th? gu?d?l?n?? b?l?w:

  • Alw??? ??t ?n ? r??t?ur?nt th?t l??k? ?l??n.
  • St??k ?? f?r ?? ?????bl? t? ? d??t th?t ?? f?m?l??r t? ??u.
  • N?v?r ??t f??d? th?t h?v? b??n ?ll?w?d t? ???l d?wn.
  • Av??d ?nd f??d w?th fl??? ?r?und ?t.
  • B? w?r? ?f ??l?d (?t w?ll h?v? b??n w??h?d ?n l???l w?t?r).
  • P??l ?ll fru?t?.

F?ll?w?ng f??d ?nd dr?nk ?? ?f ??ur?? m?d???t??n?. It ?? ?m??rt?nt t? t?k? ?l?ng ???r??r??t? m?d???t??n? ?n ??ur buy viagra levitra tr?v?l? t? ?n?ur? ??ur ??urn?? ?? n?t ????lt b? ?lln???. On? k?? m?d???t??n t? t?k? w?th ??ur ?? r?h?dr?t??n ???h?t? ?u?h ?? D??r?l?t?, El??tr?l?t? ?r R?h?dr?t. Th??? ?r? ???????ll? u??ful f?r t?m?? wh?n ??u h?v? th? run? ?nd f??l d?h?dr?t?d. An?th?r v?t?l m?d???t??n ?? ??ur ?wn ?u??l??? ?f ?nt?-????m?d??? l?k? Bu?????n, C?l?f?? ?r M?b?v?r?n? ?l?ng w?th ?nt?-d??rrh???l m?d???t??n?. A k?? ????? ?f ?dv??? wh?n ??rr??ng th??? m?d???t??n? ?? t? h?v? th?m ?n ??ur h?nd lugg?g? ?nd ?n th??r ?r?g?n?l ???k?g??, th?? w?? ??u w?n’t h?v? ?n? tr?ubl? w?th ?u?t?m?.

Th? f?n?l th?ng? t? ??n??d?r ?r? t??l?t ?t??? dur?ng ??ur ??urn??. Wh?th?r ??u ?h???? t? tr?v?l v?? ????h, ?l?n? ?r ??r th?r? ?r? ??v?r?l w??? t? g? ?b?ut ?l?nn?ng ??ur t??l?t ?t???. If tr?v?ll?ng b? ????h ?n? k?? th?ng t? l??k ?nt? ?? th?t th? ????h h?? ?n ?n-b??rd t??l?t, th?t w?? ??u kn?w ??u h?v? ?????? t? th? t??l?t ?t ?n? ???nt dur?ng th? ??urn??. If ??ur ?h???? ?? b? ??r, th?n ?l?n ??ur ??urn?? ?nd kn?w wh?r? th? t??l?t? ?r? ?n ??ur tr?v?l?. Wh?r?v?r ??u g? th?r? w?ll t?ur??t b??rd ?nf?rm?t??n ??ntr?? wh??h ??n d?r??t ??u t? th? n??r??t t??l?t?. F?n?ll?, ?f ??r tr?v?l ?? ??ur ?h???? th?n b? ?ur? t? b??k ? ???t ?n ?dv?n?? wh??h ?? ?n ???l? ???t, th?? m??n? ??u w?n’t h?v? t? ?l?mb?r ?v?r ????l? t? r???h t? t??l?t?. Y?u ?h?uld ?l?? ??n??d?r ?r? b??k?ng ??ur d??t?r? r?qu?r?m?nt? ?u?h ?? glut?n fr??, l?w f?t ?t?. M?n? ????l? ?uff?r fr?m n?rv?u?n??? wh?n fl??ng ?nd f?r IBS ?uff?r?r? th?? ??n br?ng ?b?ut ??m?t?m? ?f th??r ??nd?t??n, ?? b? ?ur? t? r?l?x ?nd w??r ??mf?rt?bl? ?l?th?ng. S?m? ????l? f?nd t?k?ng ? m?ld ??d?t?v? ??n h?l? wh?n fl??ng.

All ?n ?ll, w? und?r?t?nd h?w d?ff??ult tr?v?ll?ng ??n b? wh?n ??u ?r? ?uff?r?ng fr?m IBS, ?? b? ?ur? t? f?ll?w th? t??? ?b?v? t? ?n?ur? ??u h?l?d?? ??n’t ????lt b? ??ur IBS ??m?t?m?.

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