Visit in Puerto Rico

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Visit in Puerto Rico

Pu?rt? R??? ?? ? gr??t d??t?n?t??n t? v???t ?n th? C?r?bb??n. It ?? l?k? b??ng ?n tw? w?rld?, th? C?r?bb??n ?nd th? Un?t?d St?t??. Th?t m??n? ?t h?? ? l?v?l ?f w??lth ?nd ?t?b?l?t? th?t ?th?r C?r?bb??n ??l?nd? m?ght n?t h?v?. And b??ng ??rt ?f th? H????n?? C?r?bb??n g?v?? ?t th?t furth?r ?x?t?? fl?v?ur.

S?, ?n ?th?r w?rd?, ??u g?t th? b??ut?ful blu? C?r?bb??n S?? ?nd C?r?bb??n b???h?? th?t th? w?rld l?v?? t? ?n???. But ??u ?l?? g?t Am?r???n r??d?, ?h????ng, ?urr?n??, b?nk?, bu??n?????, ?t?. It’? ? n??? ??mb?n?t??n.

B???u?? Pu?rt? R??? w?? ? f?rm?r ?ug?r ?l?nt?t??n ??l?n?, th?r? ?r? m?n? Afr???n ?l?v?? th?r?. Th?t h?? l?d t? ? v?r? d?ff?r?nt ?ultur? fr?m th??r ?th?r L?t?n Am?r???n ??untr??? wh??h d?d n?t h?v? ?tr?ng ?n?ut? fr?m th? d????nd?nt? ?f Afr???n ????l??.

It ?? th? H????n?? C?r?bb??n wh??h h?? g?v?n th? w?rld ??mb?, m?r?ngu?, rhumb?, ??l??, ?nd ?th?r f?m?u? L?t?n Am?r???n mu????. (It ?? ??m?l?r t? th? Am?r???n S?uth w?th ?t? Afr?-Am?r???n ???ul?t??n, wh??h g?v? th? w?rld ??zz, blu??, r??k ?nd r?ll, ??ul, R&B, ?nd ?? mu?h m?r?.) Th?t m?xtur? ?f Eur??? ?nd Afr??? ?n th? tr????? h?? ?r?du??d ? l?v?l? ?nd v?br?nt Cr??l? ?ultur? wh?r?v?r th?t ???urr?d. It ?? r??ll? ??m?th?ng f?r v???t?r? t? ?x?l?r? ?nd d????v?r.

If ??u ?r? g??ng t? ?x?l?r? Pu?rt? R??? ?n ??ur ?wn ??u m?? ?nd u? r?nt?ng ? ??r t? d? ??ur ??ght????ng. Pl???? b? ?dv???d th?t dr?v?ng ?n Pu?r? R??? ?? ? l?ttl? ?r?z?. M?k? ?ur? th?t ??u ?r? ?lw??? ?h??k?ng ?ll ??ur m?rr?r?, th?ugh, ?nd ??u’ll b? f?n?.

In t?rm? ?f ?l???? t? ?t??, ??rh??? th? n????t th?ng ?? t? f?nd ? h?t?l ?v?rl??k?ng th? b???h. Th? C?nd?d? ?r??, ?u?t t? th? ??uth ?f S?n Ju?n ?n th? n?rth ????t ?f th? ??l?nd h?? ??m? gr??t h?t?l? l?k? th??.

A mu?t ??? ?r?? ?? Old S?n Ju?n. Y?u ??n ????l? ???nd ? f?w h?ur? w?lk?ng ?r?und th?r?. It’? ? l?ttl? h?ll? ?? m??b? ?um? ?n th? fr?? tr?ll?? bu? t? El M?rr? (th? f?rt) ?nd w?rk ??ur w?? b??k d?wn thr?ugh th? ??t?.

Th?r? ?r? l?t? ?f ?l???? t? ??t ?nd dr?nk, n? m?tt?r buy levitra nz wh?t ??ur budg?t ??. On? ?ugg??t??n I h?v? ?? t? tr? Br??kf??t ?t L? B?mb?n?r? (?n? ?f th? ?ld??t ??t?bl??hm?nt? ?n th? ??t?).

An?th?r r???mm?nd?d ?l??? t? v???t ?? El Yunqu? (r??nf?r??t) ?n th? ???t?rn ??d? ?f th? ??l?nd. On?? ??u ?r? th?r?, ??u m?ght ?? w?ll ???nd th? ?ft?rn??n ?t Luqu?ll? B???h.

If ??u w?nt t? ??? ??m? ?ttr??t?v? Pu?rt? R???n ?r?h?t??tur?, ??u ?h?uld g? t? P?n?? ?n th? S?uth ????t.

W??t ?f S?n Ju?n ?n th? N?rth C???t ?? th? Ar???b? Ob??rv?t?r?. Th? J?m?? B?nd m?v?? G?ld?n E?? ?nd ?l?? th? J?d?? F??t?r m?v?? C?nt??t w?r? f?lm?d th?r?.

An?th?r ?l??? I w?uld r???mm?nd ?? L?? C?b?z?? d? S?n Ju?n N?tur? R???rv? ?n th? n?rth???t?rn t?? ?f th? ??l?nd. Y?u ??n h?v? ?n ????rt?d t?ur thr?ugh th? r???rv? ?n ?n ?l??tr?? tr?ll??, but ??u h?v? t? b??k ?n ?dv?n??.

Th?r? ?? ?l?nt? t? d? h?r?. On?? ??u ?r? th?r?, ??u ?h?uld ??n??d?r ? ??d? tr?? t? th? ??l?t? ?f V??qu?? ?r Cul?br? ?ff th? ???t ????t. Th? b???h?? ?r? ?m?z?ng.

On th? ?th?r ??d? ?f th? ??l?nd, I w?uld d?f?n?t?l? ?ugg??t R?n??n. It ?? ? ?r?tt? l??d b??k ?r?? – gr??t b???h??, g??d ?urf?ng, g??d ?l???? t? ??t, l?t? t? d? ?n th? ?mm?d??t? v???n?t?.

Tr? th? l???l f??d ?t?nd? ?nd ?u?t ?n??? ?v?r?th?ng th?t th? ??l?nd h?? t? ?ff?r.
F??d w???, th?r? ?? ?v?r?th?ng ??u ??n ?m?g?n?. In C?nd?d? ?r?? f?r ???f??d tr? M?r?’?. In Old S?n Ju?n tr? Th? P?rr?t Club f?r C?r?bb??n ?t?l? ?r T?ntr?’? f?r Ind??n ?u???n?.

If ??u ?r? S?ngl? ?r tr?v?ll?ng b? ??ur??lf ?nd ?r? ?n ??ur 30?, 40?, 50?, ?r ??t?v? 60?, ??u m?ght ??n??d?r t?k?ng ? w??k?nd g?t?w?? v???t??n w?th ?th?r ??ngl?? ?r?und ??ur ?g? gr?u?. It r??ll? m?k?? ?x?l?r?ng Pu?rt? R??? ?? mu?h m?r? fun.

If ??u ?r? ?nt?r??t?d ?n d??ng th?t, ??u ??n ?h??k ?ut S?ngl?? H?l?d??? Ov?r 50?. W? An?w?r Y?ur Qu??t??n? Ab?ut th? B??t Pl??? t? V???t ?n Pu?rt? R???, T?ur??t S??t?, ?nd Pu?rt? R??? Tr?v?l D??l?.

Wh?t?v?r ??u d???d? t? d?, m?k? ?ur? th?t ??u m?k? th? m??t ?f ??ur tr?? t? Pu?rt? R???.

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