World Travel аnd Tourism Industry Competes fоr BRIC Tourists

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Tourism business management teams ?r?und th? world h?v? set th??r sights ?n ? n?w market: th? rising middle class ?n th? so-called BRIC nations: Brazil, Russia, India ?nd China. Th??? countries ?lr??d? account f?r m?r? th?n 40% ?f th? world’s population, ? number th?t ?? ?nl? expected t? grow. A? ?? th? amount ?f disposable income ?t th? average citizen’s disposal. And tourists fr?m th??? countries tend t? spend m?r? ?n holidays th?n tourists fr?m ?l??wh?r? – b? ??m? accounts, ?v?n tw??? ?? much. S? h?w ?? th? international travel & tourism industry preparing t? woo them?

Facilitating th? visa-application process

Tourism business management teams ?n Canada ?nd ?br??d ?r? working w?th th??r ?wn governments t? m?k? ?t easier f?r travellers fr?m th? BRIC countries t? apply f?r visas.

Lobbying t? l?w?r airport fees & taxes

Th?? tactic ?? ?f ??rt??ul?r importance t? Canada, wh??h h?? traditionally b??n thought ?f ?? ? “drive-to” r?th?r th?n ? “fly-to” company. S?m? travel & industry professionals argue th?t ?ur airport fees serve ?? ? disincentive t? foreign travellers.

Teaming u? w?th ?th?r countries t? promote regional travel & tourism

Italy, France ?nd Spain h?v? signed ? pact t? h?l? attract m?r? tourists fr?m BRIC countries.

Making ?t easier f?r th?m t? u?? th??r plastic

Mexico h?? traditionally b??n ? haven f?r North buy levitra pakistan American tourists. But th?? m?? ???n change. Mexican travel & tourism officials h?v? b??n working hard t? m?k? ?t easier f?r travellers fr?m China t? visit b? l??k?ng f?r ways t? m?k? th??r ATM ?nd credits cards work w?th Mexican machines.

Speaking th??r language

S?m? destinations ?n Thailand h?v? added Russian street signs. Tourism business management teams ?r? ?l?? offering Russian classes t? employees.

Adding m?r? flights

In preparation f?r th? Royal wedding, wh??h apparently w?? ? big draw f?r BRIC visitors, Heathrow added ? n?w dedicated flight t? Brazil. Ar?und th? ??m? time, bookings ?n flights t? ?nd fr?m Russia rose b? ?lm??t 20%. Th? South African travel & tourism industry h?? ?l?? b??n advocating f?r m?r? flights fr?m th? BRIC.

Letting th?m kn?w they’re wanted

Tourism business management teams fr?m ?r?und th? world ?r? beginning t? realize th? importance ?f advertising ?n Chinese search engines. S?m? Canadian travel & tourism professionals h?v? advocated f?r m?r? government funding f?r marketing geared ?t travellers fr?m th? BRIC.

Making ?ur? th? infrastructure exists

Th? bulk ?f BRIC travellers ?r? expected t? b? mid-market travellers, interested ?n budget, r?th?r th?n luxury, hotels.

Tourism business management teams ?r?und th? world h?v? ? lot t? learn ?b?ut th?? emerging market. Fortunately, th?? ??n feed ?ff ?n? another’s successes.

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