Тrаvеl Тірs Аnd Аdvісе – Тrаvеllіng Wіth А Dіsаbіlіtу

Тrаvеl Тірs Аnd Аdvісе – Тrаvеllіng Wіth А Dіsаbіlіtу


Each country has its own standards of accessibility for persons with disabilities. Before you travel, visit the country website to find information for mobility-impaired travelers. For more far flun countries, this could prove to be tricky.

?l?nn?ng Y?ur ?dv?ntur?

Wh?n ??u ?r? tr?v?ll?ng w?th ? d?s?b?l?t? ?r tr?v?ll?ng w?th s?m??n? w?th ? d?s?b?l?t?, th? m?st ?m??rt?nt th?ng f?r ? sm??th v???t??n ?s ??rr??t ?l?nn?ng. D?n’t g? ?v?rb??rd ?nd ?l?n ??ur h?l?d?? d?wn t? th? l?st m?nut?, but ?ll ??ur ????mm?d?t??n ?nd tr?ns??rt sh?uld b? b??k?d b?f?r? ??u l??v? h?m?.

Y?u sh?uld r?s??r?h th? ????ss?b?l?t? ?f ??ur tr?ns??rt ?nd ????mm?d?t??n ??t??ns, ?nd ?ls? f?r th? ??t?v?t??s ??u ?r? ?l?nn?ng. ?sk qu?st??ns ?b?ut ????ss t? bu?ld?ngs, th? numb?r ?f st??s, h?w w?d? ?r? th? d??rw??s ?nd l?fts ?nd ?s th?r? ??s? ????ss fr?m th? ??r ??rk. ?nd f?r ??ur ????mm?d?t??n, ?ff ??urs? ?sk wh?th?r th?r? ?r? d?s?bl?d t??l?ts ?nd sh?w?rs, ?nd ?f th?r? ?s ?n?ugh s???? ?n ??ur r??m f?r ? wh??l?h??r.

Wh?n ??nt??t?ng ?l???s, ??u n??d t? b? s????f?? ?b?ut ??ur ?wn l?m?t?t??ns, s? th?t d?ff?r?nt ??t??ns ??n b? ?ut ?n ?l??? t? ??t?r f?r ??u. ?h? b?st ?l??? t? g?t ?nf?rm?t??n ?s fr?m ?th?r tr?v?ll?rs wh? h?v? d?n? ?t b?f?r?. ?th?rw?s? ??u sh?uld tr? l???l t?ur?st ?nf?rm?t??n ??ntr?s.

??k? sur? ??u ???k ?ll ?ss?nt??l ?nd n???ss?r? m?d???t??ns, ?nd br?ng w?th ??u ?n? n???ss?r? ?r?s?r??t??ns. ?ls? m?k? sur? ??u ???k ??tr?s ?f ?n? m?d???l ?r ??rs?n?l ?qu??m?nt th?t ??u m?ght r?qu?r?.

?h??s?ng ?h? R?ght ?r?ns??rt

?n? ?f th? b?gg?st d?ff??ult??s wh?n tr?v?ll?ng w?th ? l?m?t?t??n ?s ?h??s?ng th? r?ght tr?ns??rt ?nd ?s?????ll? g?tt?ng ?n ?nd ?ff ?ubl?? tr?ns??rt. ?n?? ??u h?v? ?l?nn?d ??ur ?t?n?r?r?, ??u n??d t? r?s??r?h ??ur ??t??ns b?tw??n l???t??ns ?r ??t??s. ?h? b?st w?? t? f?nd ????ss?bl? tr?ns??rt ?s t? t?lk t? “?ust?m?r r?l?t??ns” ?r th? ??rs?n ?n ?h?rg? ?f ‘s????f?? n??ds ?ust?m?rs’. ?h?? w?ll b? ?bl? t? ?r?v?d? ????t ?nf?rm?t??n ?n th? tr?ns??rt ??t??ns.

??t?h?ng ? ?l?n? ??n b? ? d?unt?ng ????r??n??! Wh?n ??u b??k ??ur t??k?t, l?t th? ??rl?n? kn?w ??ur l?m?t?t??ns ?nd s????f?? ??ns?d?r?t??n sh?uld b? ?r?v?d?d. ?? sur? t? ?h??k w?th ??ur ??rl?n? t? m?k? sur? ?t h?s ????ss?bl? t??l?ts b?f?r? b??k?ng ? l?ng h?ul fl?ght.

??n? ????l? w?th ? d?s?b?l?t? w?ll f?rg?t f?gur?ng ?ut th? b?st tr?ns??rt ?ll t?g?th?r, ?nd w?ll t?k? ? ?ru?s? h?l?d?? – ??th?r ? r?v?r ?ru?s? ?r ? l?rg? ?ru?s? l?n?r. ?h?s w?? ?ll ?f ??ur lugg?g? w?ll st?? ?n th? ?n? ?l???, ??u d?n’t n??d t? f?nd ?n ????ss?bl? r?st?ur?nt ?r t??l?t, ?nd m?n? ?f th? ??t?v?t??s ?r? br?ught t? ??u.

?th?r G??d O?t??ns Ar?:

  • ??r?ng ? ??m??r v?n th?t ?s wh??l?h??r ????ss?bl?
    ??k? ? tr??n h?l?d?? ?n W?st?rn ?ur??? – m?st tr??ns ?r? ?d??l w?th ??s? ????ss ?nd ????ss?bl? t??l?ts.
  • F?nd?ng ?n ????ss?bl? ???l?t
  • R?s??r?h ?s ?ss?nt??l t? f?nd?ng ????ss?bl? t??l?ts. ??n? t??l?ts s?? th?t th?? ?r? ????ss?bl?, wh?n th?? ?r? ?l??rl? ?r? n?t. D?n’t f?nd ?ut th? h?rd w??! ?sk?ng ?t th? t?ur?st ?nf?rm?t??n ??ntr?s f?r u? t? d?t? ?nf?rm?t??n.
  • ?l???s t? l??k f?r ?n ????ss?bl? t??l?t ?s ?t mus?ums ?r ?rt g?ll?r??s, f?st f??d r?st?ur?nts ?r ?t m?d?rn tr??n st?t??ns. ??m? tr?v?ll?rs w?ll ?l?n wh?t ??t?v?t??s th?? d? ?r ?ttr??t??ns th?? s?? ???h d?? b? wh?r? th?? ??n f?nd ?n ????ss?bl? t??l?t.

Wh?t ?s ?h? ??st ????mm?d?t??n

?t w?ll b? h?rd t? f?nd th? ??rf??t ????mm?d?t??n wh?n ??u’r? tr?v?ll?ng, ?????t ?f ??u ?r? w?ll?ng t? ??? f?r ?t. R?s??r?h ?s ?ss?nt??l b?f?r? ??u g? t? f?nd ? ?l??? th?t ?s ????ss?bl?.

? g??d h?t?l w?ll h?v? ????ss?bl? ??r ??rks th?t h?v? ??s? ????ss t? th? h?t?l. ?h?? w?ll n?rm?ll? h?v? ? l?ft ?nd ?v?n ? ??rt?r s?rv???. ??st w?ll h?v? ? r?st?ur?nt ?r f??d s?rv??? ?n-s?t? f?r ??s? ????ss. ??k? sur? ??u t?ll ??ur ????mm?d?t??n wh?n ??u ?r? b??k?ng ?b?ut ??ur l?m?t?t??ns, wh?t ?qu??m?nt ??u m?ght h?v? ?nd wh?t ?ss?st?n?? ??u m?? r?qu?r?.

? g??d ?d?? ?s t? st?? ?n ????mm?d?t??n ?n ? ??ntr?l l???t??n. ?t w?ll b? ??s??r t? v?s?t l???l ?ttr??t??ns ?nd th?s? ?ttr??t??ns w?ll b? ?l?s?-b?. Y?u m?ght ?v?n b? ?bl? t? d? d?? tr??s ?w?? fr?m th? ??t?. ?h?s w?? ??u ?v??d th? n??d t? m?v? ?ll ??ur lugg?g? ?g??n.

?th?r Gr??t ???s ?nd ?dv???

  • ?f ??u ?r? ?n ? wh??l?h??r ?nd h?v? s?m??n? t? ?ush ??u, t?k? ? m?nu?l ?h??r. ?t w?ll t?k? u? l?ss s???? th?n ?n ?l??tr?? ?h??r ?nd ?t d??sn’t r?qu?r? r??h?rg?ng.
  • ?ll?w ??ur f?m?l? ?r ??r?rs t? h?v? ? h?l?d?? t??. L?t th?m d? ??t?v?t??s th?t th?? ?h??s?. ?h?s w?? th?? w?ll w?nt t? tr?v?l w?th ??u ?g??n ?nd ?t m?ght g?v? ?v?r??n? s?m? n??d?d t?m? ???rt.
  • ??v? ??ur wh??l?h??r ?l??n?d ?nd s?rv???d b?f?r? ??u l??v?. ??k? sur? ??u h?v? ?h??k?d th? b?tt?r??s ?nd ?ll m?v?ng ??rts ?r? ?n w?rk?ng ?rd?r. ?ls? r?s??r?h wh? ??u ??uld ??nt??t ?f ??u h?v? ? m???r br??kd?wn ?n th? r??d.
  • ?f ??u h?v? ?n ?l??tr?? wh??l?h??r, t?k? s??r? tr?v?l ?d??t?rs s? th?t ??u d?n’t g?t ??ught ?ut.

?h? m?st ?m??rt?nt t??s ?nd ?dv??? ?s f?r ??u ?nd ??ur f?m?l? / ??r?r t? ?n??? ??ur h?l?d??. ?n??? ???h d?? ?nd ?ts n?w ?dv?ntur?s, n?w s?ghts, n?w ?ultur? ?nd th? n?w th?ngs t? b? l??rnt.