24 Hоurѕ In Pаnаmа : A Trаvеl Guidе Tо Pаnаmа Citу- Part 2

24 Hоurѕ In Pаnаmа : A Trаvеl Guidе Tо Pаnаmа Citу- Part 2

Th? n?w cit? b???t?d ? cr???-??cti?n?d d??ign ?f 38 bl?ck?, with thr?? m?in ?tr??t? running fr?m ???t t? w??t ?nd ??v?n ?tr??t? running fr?m n?rth t? ??uth. Unf?rtun?t?l?, thi? urb?n d?v?l?pm?nt w?? int?rrupt?d b? v?ri?u? fir?? th?t d?v??t?t?d it? ?tr??t?. In 1737, th? “big fir?” d??tr???d tw? third? ?f th? cit?, ?nd th? “?m?ll fir?” ?f 1756 d??tr???d m?r? th?n 90 h?u???. Th??? ?nd ?th?r c?t??tr?phic fir?? h?lp ?xpl?in wh? ?? f?w tru? ?x?mpl?? ?f Sp?ni?h c?l?ni?l ?rchit?ctur? ?xi?t t?d??.

Th? f?rtr??? ?till ?urviv??, th?ugh, ?nd t?d?? h?u??? ??v?r?l imp?rt?nt, cultur?l, ?nd hi?t?ric building? ?nd m?num?nt?. But it i? th? ?rchit?ctur? ?f C??c? Vi?j? th?t m?k?? it ?? ?p?ci?l. Th? ?ld Sp?ni?h c?l?ni?l ?t?l? i? ?v?rl?id with Fr?nch b?lc?ni?? ?nd ?rchit?ctur?, r?mn?nt? ?f th? Fr?nch inh?bit?nt? wh? m?d? th? initi?l ?tt?mpt t? build th? P?n?m? C?n?l in 1881. Ov?r th? ???r?, ? C?ribb??n influ?nc? ?l?? t??k h?ld ?nd, t?d??, C??c? Vi?j? i? ? m?lting p?t ?f ?rchit?ctur?l in?pir?ti?n ?nd ?t?l?, with ??m? building? d?ting ?? f?r b?ck ?? 300 ???r?.

Mu??um?, ?h?pping, ?nd f?rtun? t?lling

Up until th? ??rl? p?rt? ?f thi? c?ntur?, C??c? Vi?j? r?m?in?d ? thriving cultur?l c?nt?r. But ?? P?n?m? Cit? m?d?rniz?d, ?nd ?? th? ?ut?m?tiv? ?g? m?d? tr?n?p?rt?ti?n ???i?r, it ?pr??d ?utw?rd, l??ving C??c? Vi?j? b?hind. Th? ?ld cit?’? n?rr?w l?b?rinth ?tr??t? w?r? difficult f?r c?r? t? m?n?uv?r ?nd it? building? w?r? ?b??l?t? in c?mp?ri??n t? m?d?rn ?k??cr?p?r? b?ing built. B? th? mid 1900?, C??c? Vi?j? h?d g?n? th? w?? ?f m??t cit? c?nt?r? ?f th?t c?ntur?. N? l?ng?r th? c?nt?r ?f P?n?m? Cit?, it w?? t?? ?ppr????d f?r th? upp?r cl??? ?nd quickl? b?c?m? ? p??r ?r?? ?f t?n?m?nt-?t?l? h?u?ing.

Th? ?r?? i? curr?ntl? und?rg?ing ? c?mpl?t? tr?n?f?rm?ti?n, h?w?v?r. R??t?ur?nt? ?nd b?r? ?r? ?p?ning with gu?t?, t?uri?t? ?r? c?ming in gr?wing numb?r?, ?nd p??pl? fr?m ?ll ?v?r n?w w?nt t? m?k? th?ir h?m?? in C??c? Vi?j?.

In 1997, UNESCO d?cl?r?d C??c? Vi?j? ? P?trim?n? ?f Hum?nit?. T?d??, it i? r?v?r?d ?? th? hi?t?ric c?nt?r ?f P?n?m? Cit?. Tw?- ?nd thr??-?t?r? h?u??? with fl?w?r-?d?rn?d b?lc?ni?? ?v?rl??k n?rr?w ?tr??t?. At it? tip i? Fr?nch P?rk, wh?r? ??u will find th? Fr?nch Emb???? ?nd ? m?num?nt t? th? h?rd? Fr?nch build?r? wh? b?g?n th? P?n?m? C?n?l. On ?n? ?id? i? ?n hi?t?ric?l Sp?ni?h building c?ll?d L?? B?v?d??, n?w h?u?ing ?n ?rt g?ll?r? ?nd Fr?nch r??t?ur?nt. P?n?m?’? Supr?m? C?urt w?? ?nc? h?u??d h?r?. A w?lkw?? ?r?und th? m?num?nt ?ff?r? ? nic? vi?w ?f th? Am?d?r C?u??w??, Bridg? ?f th? Am?ric??, ?nd P?n?m? buy levitra in shanghai Cit?’? ?k??cr?p?r ?k?lin? t? th? ???t. A pl?qu? c?mm?m?r?t?? th? firing ?f c?n?n ?h?t? t? w?rd ?ff ? C?l?mbi?n w?r?hip ?nd ??lidif? P?n?m?’? ind?p?nd?nc? fr?m C?l?mbi? in 1903.

Th?r? ?r? ?xc?ll?nt mu??um? in th? C??c? Vi?j? ?r??, including th? Mu??? d? C?n?l. H?r?, ??u c?n l??rn ?b?ut P?n?m?’? hi?t?r? ?? th? c?nn?ct?r b?tw??n th? Atl?ntic ?nd th? P?cific fr?m pr?-Hi?p?nic t? m?d?rn tim??. N?xt d??r i? th? Mu??um ?f N?ti?n?l Hi?t?r? ?nd ?cr??? th? w?? i? th? N?ti?n?l C?th?dr?l. N??rb? i? ? ?m?ll mu??um d?dic?t?d t? r?ligi?u? ?rt, f?und in th? ?ld S?nt? D?ming? m?n??t?r?. Thi? i? wh?r? ??u will find th? f?m?u? Fl?t Arch, which r?p?rt?dl? h?lp?d c?nvinc? ?ngin??r? th?t P?n?m? w?? ??rthqu?k?-pr??f ?nd ? g??l?gic?ll? ?t?bl? ?r?? f?r building th? C?n?l. A f?w bl?ck? ?w?? i? th? ?ld S?n J??? C?th?dr?l, with gl??ming ?pir?? inl?id with m?th?r-?f-p??rl ?nd it? b??utiful g?ld ?lt?r, intric?t?l? c?rv?d ?f w??d ?nd gild?d with g?ld. Thi? i? ? mu?t-??? wh?n ??u vi?it C??c? Vi?j?.

C??c? Vi?j? i? h?m? t? th? Pr??id?nti?l H?u??. If ??u w?nt t? ??? thi?, b? ?ur? t? c?m? ?n ? Sund?? ?? it i? cl???d t? th? public f?r th? r??t ?f th? w??k. F?m?u? ??n? ?nd d?ught?r? ?f P?n?m? ?l?? m?k? th?ir h?m?? h?r?, including ?ct?r/?ing?r (?nd n?w P?n?m?’? mini?t?r ?f t?uri?m) Rub?n Bl?d??, ?nd b?x?r R?b?rt? Dur?n.

B?rg?in hunt?r? c?n t?k? ? br??k fr?m th? hi?t?ric?l ?ight? ?t S?l?ipu?d??, which r?ughl? tr?n?l?t?? t? “g?t ?ut if ??u c?n.” L?c?t?d ju?t b?f?r? th? ?ntr?nc? t? C??c? Vi?j?, it i? P?n?m?’? biz?rr? b?z??r, ? ?tr??t ?? n?rr?w ?nd fill?d with v?nd?r? th?t it i? d?rk ?t n??n. A f?w ?t?p? ?w?? i? S?nt? An?’? Pl?z?, wh?r? ??u c?n h?v? ??ur f?rtun? t?ld f?r ju?t $5.

Din? ?t Th? Bri?t?l

T? fini?h ?ff ??ur d?? in ?t?l?, m?k? ??ur w?? t? Th? Bri?t?l H?t?l, ju?t ? ?h?rt t?xi j?urn?? fr?m C??c? Vi?j?. Dining ?t th? B?r?nd?? R??t?ur?nt ?t Th? Bri?t?l H?t?l i? ?n ?v?nt t? ??v?r. Th? P?n?m?ni?n-in?pir?d g?urm?t cui?in?, r??tful ?mbi?nc?, ?tunning pr???nt?ti?n, ?l?g?nt ??tting?, ?nd ?tt?ntiv? ??rvic? c?mbin? t? cr??t? ?n unf?rg?tt?bl? dining ?xp?ri?nc?.

A Trip T? P?n?m? C?ught Y?ur F?nc??

H?p?full?, thi? ?p?ci?l r?p?rt h?? giv?n ??u ? f?w id??? ?n h?w t? ?p?nd ??ur tim? in P?n?m?, but d?n’t f?rg?t th?t thi? ?m?zing c?untr? h?? much m?r? t? ?ff?r. P?cific C???t b??ch?? n??r th? cit?; C?ib? I?l?nd N?ti?n?l M?rin? P?rk; ?nd th? D?rién Pr?vinc? t? n?m? ju?t ? f?w.