5 Things Every Good Motel Should Have

5 Things Every Good Motel Should Have


It’s exciting staying in a motel. You could be staying of or one night or a month but the feeling is the same. Being aware from home ensures you have a new sense of freedom and you’re probably ready for new challenges.

This is why it’s essential to choose a motel in an area that has plenty of things to do; such as this list of Maggie Valley attractions which will make a motel in this area even more fun.

However, despite the excitement your night or nights away can be easily ruined if the motel does not have these 5 important features. Check it does before you book:

  1. Storage

The first thing you’ll do on arrival is unpack your bag. This means you need somewhere to put your clothes and somewhere to store your bag. Sadly this is one area that many motels and hotels struggle with. But it makes a huge difference to the quality of your stay.

This should include a good array of hangers; it’s nice to have your clothes ready to wear not full of creases.

  1. An En-suite

Yes you can survive using the same bathroom down the hall as everyone else but it’s not conducive to a nice stay. You need a toilet attached to your room and a shower that is easy to operate. This will allow you to feel refreshed and comfortable.

After all, who really feels like strolling naked down the hall because they’ve left their shampoo in their room?

  1. Wi-Fi

A good motel room should have an abundance of sockets. You’ll want to plug in your phone, laptop, perhaps a tablet, camera or even your music player. That’s alongside your hairdryer and your partner’s electronics.

As well as being able to plug in and charge your vital equipment motels need to provide Wi-Fi access. It is no longer seen as a luxury but as a necessity of modern life. In fact it can make a difference when choosing the motel.

  1. Coffee Machine

Free water is a great idea to help you feel refreshed after a long day. But, for most of us the day still starts with a cup of coffee. It is, at best, inconvenient if you can’t have one until you go for breakfast or visit the vending machine in the lobby.

A coffee machine and a few sachets of coffee are a small gesture but an effective one.

  1. Black Outs

Finally you want to be able to get a good night’s sleep. The excitement and the unfamiliar bed and surroundings can make this very difficult.

To combat this, a good motel will have black out curtains or drapes. These can ensure your room is complete dark; allowing you to drift pleasantly off to sleep. Of course having a comfortable mattress and pillows will help and a telephone wake-up call service.

When you find a good motel your entire stay becomes a pleasure. If you’re missing just one of these things you’ll quickly notice a lot more wrong with your accommodation and the area you’ve chosen to stay in. Check before you book!