5 Tips For Surviving The Jungle

5 Tips For Surviving The Jungle

5 Tips For Surviving The Jungle

As I get older Trekking has become higher up in my list of things I enjoy to do. The old days of partying all hours are fading, and I now seek refuge hidden under the canopy of dangerous jungles or lodging in a dark mountainous cave.

If you are considering doing a challenging trek, there are many preparations to make. A lot of it is just common sense, but still, let’s run through some basic tips of surviving a jungle trek, you never know, these could save your life one day.

Tip 1

Keep calm. If you find yourself separated from your group, it is natural to panicyour first instinct might be to panic. Panic exhausts the body and exponentially increases its need for water and food. Take a moment to think rationally and put a plan in place.


Protect your skin. Roll down your sleeves and cover your face to avoid being bitten by nasties, or cutting your skin on sharp branches. Wear long trousers instead of shorts. If you do get an open wound, no matter how small, keep it covered.


Find water. Large swarms of insects will often signal a nearby water source. Bees usually build their hives within a couple of miles of a body of water, and flies typically stay within 300 feet of water. If at all possible, boil the water you find, filter it or add purification tablets to it. Do not drink it straight from the source if this can be avoided.


Wear waterproof shoes or rubber jungle boots. Never wear wet socks.


Leave a trail. As you’re hiking through the jungle, make a trail with anything you can find which is brightly coloured.