Best Places to go in Bali

Best Places to go in Bali

Ubud Bali

Best Places to go in… Bali

Th?r? ?r? ??v?r?l reasons t? visit Bali ?? th?r? ?r? heavenly lights ?n ? starry night. B??ng ? small island ?ff th? coast ?f Indonesia doesn’t set th?? hotspot f?r natural ?nd cultural sights b??k ?n? bit. In fact, ??u ??n ??tu?ll? drive u? ?nd d?wn th? coast ?n ? single day ?nd ??n ?t?ll l??k f?rw?rd t? n?w ?nd exotic experiences ?n th? n?xt ??v?r?l months. There’s n? doubt ?b?ut it. Bali ?? ? mixed bag ?f idyllic countryside, crystal-clear beach water teeming w?th colorful marine life, mystic temple ceremonies ?nd ? fascinating culture native t? th? island.

If you’re planning t? fly t? Bali anytime soon, don’t forget t? check ?ut ?t l???t ?n? ?f th? f?ll?w?ng sights. S?m? ?f th?m ?r? m?d? f?r tourists, ?? expect ? number ?f fellow sightseers tr??ng noisily t? g?t ??m? pictures ?f th? place. Oth?r? aren’t ?? developed ?? th? typical jet-setter w?uld like, but th?? ?r? perfect f?r finding peace ?nd relaxation ?m?d?t th? busy island wh??? economy depends mu?h ?n th? presence ?f visitors.


Kuta ?? th? budget traveler’s go-to destination. Alth?ugh th?ng? h?v? quieted ? bit ??n?? th? bombings ?n 2002, Kuta ?t?ll remains ?n? ?f th? top spots f?r backpackers ?nd families ?n vacation. Expect ? bit ?f heckling fr?m sidewalk hawkers ?nd shopkeepers selling fake surf gear ?nd pirated DVDs, but ? small “No thanks” ??n shoo th?m away. Kuta completely redeems ?t??lf ?? ??u walk t?w?rd? th? coastline, wh??h ?? ?t?ll ?n? ?f th? b??t sights ?n th? entire island, w?th pearly-white sea foam pounding ?n shores ?f fine golden sand.


If you’re raring t? g?t ?w?? fr?m th? frantic beach scene ?n Kuta, drive t? central Bali ?n?t??d ?nd bask peacefully ?n th? cultural wonders ?f Ubud. All ?r?und th? locality, ??u ??n visit Hindi temples, museums ?nd th? palace ?f th? Balinese royal family th?t feature Ubud’s historical ?nd architectural significance t? Bali. Y?u ??n ?l?? purchase ? seat ?t ?n? ?f th? numerous generic levitra in uk dance-and-music shows f?ll?w?d b? ? sumptuous ?nd healthy meal ?f Balinese dishes m?d? fr?m ingredients bought ?t th? local market. Alth?ugh Ubud ?? quickly growing t? absorb neighboring places, th?r? ?r? ?t?ll ? lot ?f sleepy l?ttl? villages nestled quietly ?n th? midst ?f lush rice fields.

Nusa Lembongan

B???m? ? beach bum f?r ?n entire week ?t Nusa Lembongan, ? r?l?t?v?l? l??? developed island ?ff mainland Bali. L?ttl? h?? b??n d?n? t? transform Nusa Lembongan ?nt? th? tourist haven th?t ?? u?u?ll? Kuta ?nd Ubud, wh??h m?k?? ?t th? perfect place f?r hanging ?ut b? th? seashore w?th?ut h?v?ng t? dodge hawkers ?nd street vendors. Th? sand ?? powdery-white ?n Nusa Lembongan ?nd th? water ?? ? clear aquamarine, making swimming, surfing, snorkeling ?nd diving th? b??t activities ?n th?? part ?f Bali.

Gunung Agung

Towering ?nt? th? clouds ?b?v? Bali ?? Gunung Agung, ?n active volcano ?nd th? highest peak ?n th? island. Th? mountain’s western façade ?? flanked b? healthy greenery th?nk? t? th? rainwater brought ?b?ut b? th? west wind, but th? eastern side ?? ? bit dry ?nd barren. N??r Gunung Agung’s summit ?? Pura Besakih, kn?wn ?? th? mother temple ?nd th? m??t important Hindu shrine ?n th? entire Bali. T? Pura Besakih th?r? ?r? v?r??u? routes th?t ??n b? taken, but ?nl? th??? wh? ?r? physically fit ?r? rewarded th? breathtaking scenarios th?t wait ?t th? top ?f th? mountain.


Luxury ?? th? n?m? ?f th? game ?n Seminyak. Wh?t w?? ?n?? ? sleepy backwater village h?? evolved ?nt? th? preferred Bali destination f?r Hollywood royalty ?nd th? rest ?f th? rich ?nd famous. Prices are, inarguably, steeper ?n th?? part ?f th? island, but ?r? ?t?ll cheaper th?n ?n?th?ng ??u ??n spend ?n luxury abroad. Th? place ?? teeming w?th world-class restaurants offering exotic international cuisines, high-end shop boutiques selling big-name brands ?nd upscale spas ?nd health centers th?t provide ? variety ?f services, ranging fr?m th? traditional Balinese massages t? newer, hipper treatments.