Best Places to visit in Alabama

Best Places to visit in Alabama

Best Places to visit in… Alabama

Alabama, nicknamed “The Heart ?f Dixie” ?? kn?wn f?r ?t? heritage ?? ? key southern state. Today th? state ??nt??n? ?n exciting mixture ?f ?ld ?nd new. Fr?m traditional agricultural events t? high-tech rocketry, there’s ??m?th?ng f?r everyone.

S?m? highlights t? visit ?n Alabama include:

1. Ave Maria Grotto (in Cullman): Al?? kn?wn ?? “Jerusalem ?n Miniature”, ?nd constructed b? Brother Joseph Zoetti, ? Benedictine monk, th? Ave Maria Grotto ?? ? 4 acre park ??nt??n?ng 125 miniature reproductions ?f famous shrines ?nd historical buildings fr?m ?r?und th? world.

2. Battleship Memorial Park (in Mobile): Home t? th? battleship USS Alabama, th? submarine USS Drum, ?? w?ll ?? m?n? tanks ?nd aircraft.

3. Bellingrath Gardens ?nd Home (Southwest ?f Mobile): A beautiful 65-acre garden estate th?t offers walking tours, cruises ?n th? Fowl river, ?nd ?? home t? ?n award-winning rose garden.

4. Birmingham Museum ?f Art (in North Birmingham): C?nt??n? ?n outstanding collection ?f ?v?r 21,000 works ?f art.

5. DeSoto Caverns Park (Southeast ?f Birmingham): offers guided tours thr?ugh th? state’s biggest cave wh??h ?? 12 stories high ?nd larger buy levitra malaysia th?n ? football field. Th?r? ?r? ?l?? ? variety ?f family attractions ?n th? park ?ut??d? th? caverns.

6. Early Works Museum Complex (in Huntsville): An impressive complex ?f thr?? history museums including ? hands-on history museum f?r children ?nd ? railroad museum.

7. International Motorsports Hall ?f Fame Museum (in Talladega): Th?? museum, n?xt door t? th? Talladega Superspeedway records ?nd celebrates th? history ?f motorsports. Exhibits include th? Budweiser rocket car wh??h w?? th? f?r?t car t? break th? speed ?f sound.

8. Noccalulua Falls Park (in Gadsden): A 250-acre public park ??nt??n?ng ? legendary waterwall, ?? wall caves, Indian ?nd civil war carvings, ? pioneer homesteed, ? mini-golf course, ? petting zoo, ?nd more.

9. Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail (throughout Alabama): A mu?t f?r golf-lovers. Th? Trail ?? ? result ?f th? largest golf ??ur?? construction project ?v?r attempted. ?nd ??nt??n? ?v?r 400 holes spread ??r??? multiple sites ?r?und th? state.

10. US Space & Rocket Center (in Huntsville): ??nt??n? th? United States’ largest collection space memorabilia ?nd rockets including th? Pathfinder shuttle simulator ?nd ? Saturn V moon rocket.