Best Places to visit in Dubai

Best Places to visit in Dubai

Underwater Hotel

Best Places to visit in… Dubai

Dubai ?? considered t? b? ?n? ?f th? m??t attractive ?nd posh tourist destinations ?n th? Middle East. Due t? ?t? increasing popularity ?? ? tourist spot ?nd attractive revenues fr?m tourism, v?r??u? cheap flights t? Dubai ?r? easily ?v??l?bl? th??? days. However, ??u h?v? t? plan ?n advance t? ensure th?t ??u visit ?ll th? tourist attractions ?n Dubai ?? ?? t? m?k? th? maximum ?ut ?f ??ur trip.

Aft?r booking ??ur flight t? Dubai, ??ur n?xt consideration ?? t? cover th? maximum sightseeing venues ?n th? minimum time. So, plan ??ur tour b? keeping th? f?ll?w?ng landmarks ?n mind:

1. Burj Khalifa: Th?? ?? th? tallest building ?n th? world, consisting ?f 124 floors. Th?r? ?? ?n outdoor observation deck ?t th? topmost floor, featuring ? telescope th?t ?ll?w? visitors t? view th? wh?l? city fr?m th?? incredible height.

2. Dubai Museum: Th? building ?f Al Fahidi Fort, built ?g??n?t foreign invasion ?n 1799, h?? b??n converted ?nt? th? great Dubai museum. It ?ll?w? visitors t? h?v? ? l??k ?t th? rich culture ?nd heritage ?f Dubai. Th? museum ?l?? offers ? virtual trip t? desert life, conventional Arabian homes, mosques, ancient warfare ?nd trade.

3. Grand Mosque: Th?? ?? ? distinguished landmark ?nd important place ?f worship ?n th? city. Situated ?n th? Bur Dubai side, th?? Grand Mosque w?? re-built ?n 1998. It ?? 70 meters ?n height ?nd considered ?? th? tallest minaret ?n th? city.

4. Wild Wadi Waterpark: B?th children ?nd adults alike ?r? w?ll enjoy th? exciting water rides th?? place offers. Th? special recreational feature ?f th?? theme park ?? th?t v?r??u? fun activities ?r? based ?n th? Legend ?f th? Arabian adventurer, Juha ?nd h?? friend Sinbad. Thus, ??u g?t th? feel ?f ancient Arabian life here.

5. Hydropolis Underwater Hotel: Th?? ?? Dubai’s f?r?t luxury underwater hotel ?nd offers ? totally unique experience t? ?t? visitors. Th? hotel structure ?? divided ?nt? thr?? parts – th? f?r?t ?? th? land station, wh?r? th? guests ?r? welcomed; ????nd ?? th? connecting tunnel, thr?ugh wh??h visitors ?r? transported t? th? actual hotel; ?nd th? th?rd ?? th? main hotel interior.

All th??? places require ?t l???t tw? days’ time ?n order t? enjoy th??r beauty t? th? fullest. So, g?t cheap flights t? Dubai ?? ???n ?? ?????bl? ?nd plan ??ur trip w?ll ?n advance.