Best Places to visit in Dumaguete City

Best Places to visit in Dumaguete City

Best Places to visit in… Dumaguete City

Dumaguete city ?? th? biggest city ?n th? Negros Oriental region. Th?? city ?? ?l?? called th? university town b???u?? th?r? ?r? m?n? schools there. M?n? students fr?m Mindanao ?nd Visayas g? th?r? t? study college. On? ?f th? m??t popular schools ?? Silliman order levitra generic University wh??h ?l?? attracts m?n? students fr?m countries ?n Europe ?nd students fr?m Japan. Th? f?ll?w?ng ?r? ??m? interesting places t? visit ?n Dumaguete.

1. Basay – Th?? ?? ?l?? kn?wn ?? Punta Tambungon. Th?? ?? ? beach w?th m?n? rocks ?nd ??v?r?l corals. M?n? divers ??m? h?r? t? ??? d?ff?r?nt corals ?nd d?ff?r?nt species ?f aquatic animals.

2. Bais city – Th?? ?? th? place ??u g? t? ?f ??u w?nt t? ??? ??v?r?l dolphins swimming. People g? h?r? t? swim w?th th?m ?r ride ?n ? boat w?th th??r friends ?nd follow th? dolphins. Th?r? ?? ? cruise offered b? m?n? travel companies th?t w?ll t?k? th? tourists t? th? strait ?f Tañon. Th?r? ?? ? specific place th?r? wh?r? th? dolphins u?u?ll? hang out. Th?? spot ?? ?n th? narrow part b?tw??n th? waters ?f Cebu ?nd Negros.

3. Filipino American Japanese Amity Shrine – Th?? ?? ?n top ?f Sagbang. Th?r? ?? ? special deck h?r? wh?r? people ??n view th? places below. Th?? ?? th? ??m? place wh?r? m?n? soldiers fr?m th? Allied forces battled w?th m?n? soldiers ?f th? Japanese army.

4. Looc Memorial Shrine – Th?? ??n b? f?und ?n Sibulan. Th?? ?? ? shrine th?t marked th? encounter ?f guerrilla forces ?g??n?t th? Japanese army. Th? people ?n Sibulan re-enact th? ?v?n ???h year.

5. Saint Paul College Dumaguete – Th?? school w?? built ?n 1904 b? th? Saint Paul de Chartres order. Th?? ?? ?lr??d? ? kn?wn landmark ?n th? place. Th? people wh? established th?? school w?r? ??v?n nuns fr?m Belgium. Th?? founded th?? school ?n th? f?rm?r parish th?r? n??r th? church.

6. Silliman University – Th?? ?? ?n?th?r famous school established ?n 1901. Th?? school h?? th?rt? f?v? hectares ?nd ?t ?? n??r th? city. Th?? university h?? b???m? ? noted sanctuary f?r d?ff?r?nt species ?f birds. Th?r? ?r? trees ?r?und th? school th?t ?r? v?r? ?ld ?lr??d? ?nd ?r? living witness t? th? changing times. Th? major structures th?r? ?r? kn?wn ?? Channon Hall, Oriental Hall, Occidental Hall ?nd Guy Hall. Th??? ?r? th? ??m? places th?t th? Japanese army u??d wh?n th?? ?r? planning th??r attacks dur?ng th? S???nd World War.

7. Spanish Fortress – Th?? ?? ? fort built b? th? Spaniards ?n Tampocon’s shore.

8. Cayaso Cave – Th?? ?? ? cave wh?r? tourists ??n h?v? ? spelunking activity . It h?? ?n river under. Th?? cave ?? ?u?t ?n? kilometer ?w?? fr?m th? municipal hall ?f th? Poblacion town. Th? water ?n th? river ?? v?r? potable. Guests t? th?? cave w?ll enjoy watching th? stalagmites ?nd stalactites surrounding th? wh?l? cave forming ??v?r?l chambers.

9. Camp Mapot ?nd Mountain Park – Th?? ?? ?n??d? th? city ?f Canlaon. Th?? ?? ? lush plateau standing f?v? thousand feet. It w?? developed t? b???m? ? camp th?t w?ll promote mentalhealthupdate health. It h?? ??v?r?l pine trees ?nd springs. Th?r? ?r? d?ff?r?nt plants ?nd animals ?n th? place. Th? temperature ?n th?? place ?? similar t? th? ?n? u?u?ll? experienced ?n Baguio city. Th?? camp ?? ??tu?ll? ???rt ?f th? park ?f Mountain Kanlaon wh??h h?? b??n frequented b? ??v?r?l mountain trekkers already.

10. Forest Camp – Th?? ?? ?n th? town ?f Valencia. In??d? th?? camp ?r? ??v?r?l cottages set ?n ?n environment w?th m?n? plants. Th?? place h?? b??n ? favorite destination t? hold excursions ?nd family gatherings. Th? entrance f?r th? kids ?? ?u?t forty pesos. Th? entrance fee f?r th? adults costs sixty pesos. Th?r? ?r? cottages wh??h ??u ??n rent f?r ?n? wh? night.