Best Places to visit in Germany

Best Places to visit in Germany


Best Places to visit in… Germany

If you’re l??k?ng f?r ? place that’s rich w?th remnants ?f th? r???nt past, th?n Germany’s th? place f?r you. A? ??u m?? w?ll know, Germany w?? ? key player ?n th? previous world wars. Thus, ?t filled Germany w?th monuments t? th? stories ?f ?ur grandfathers ?b?ut times long ???t but n?v?r forgotten.

1.) Berlin Wall

There’s n? ?th?r place ?n Germany that’s m?r? suffused w?th charged u? emotions th?n th? Berlin Wall. Y?u ??n ?u?t imagine th? tears ?nd th? blood ?h?d ?v?r th?? v?r? wall. Th?? remnant ?f th? wars stands ?? ?n? ?f th? greatest monuments t? democracy kn?wn t? man – ? sign th?t freedom w?ll ?lw??? ??m? ?ut victorious.

2.) Th? Romantic Road

Driving thr?ugh th? Romantic road w?uld b? ?n? ?f th? m??t pleasant drives you’ll experience ?n ??ur wh?l? life. Th?? road ?? flanked b? scenic landscapes ?n b?th sides. Occasionally, you’ll pass thr?ugh ? picturesque town, ? beautiful gothic church, ?nd sometimes, ? quaint countryside inn.

3.) Augsburg

Passing thr?ugh th? Romantic Road w?ll lead ??u t? Augsburg, ? town founded b? th? Roman Legions ?nd named ?ft?r th? esteemed Roman emperor, Augustus. Th?? picturesque town ??nt??n? ?u?h historical places ?? St. Anne’s Church, th? place wh?r? Martin Luther t??k refuge, ?nd Dom, ? v?r? unusual Cathedral. Y?u ??n ?l?? find h?r? th? Renaissance Golden Room, ? sight th?t w?ll m?k? ??u squint w?th ?t? shine.

4.) Neuschwanstein Castle

D?d ??u kn?w th?t Walt Disney u??d ? castle f?und ?n Germany ?? h?? inspiration f?r th? castle ?f Sleeping Beauty? It’s true, th??? alabaster walls ?nd th??? high towers ?nd wide parapets w?r? ?ll based ?n th? Neuschwanstein Castle. It ?? n?w hailed ?? ?n? ?f th? m??t popular tourist spots ?n Germany.

5.) Th? Castles ?f Fussen

L?k? m??t ?f Europe, ??v?r?l castles ?r? littered thr?ugh?ut Germany. It ??nt??n? th? ?th?r tw? ?f Ludwig’s castles, th? f?r?t ?n? b??ng th? Neuschwanstein Castle. Th?? ?? ? must-see f?r ?ll th??? families wh? ?r? traveling thr?ugh Germany b???u?? th? place literally l??k? l?k? it’s b??n torn ?ut ?f ? storybook.

6.) Lake Constance

Lake Constance ?? b?th ? tourist spot ?nd ?n essential source ?f life f?r th? Germans. S?v?r?l areas ?n th? country rely ?n th?? v?r? lake f?r th??r drinking water, ?nd th?? large lake ?? ?l?? ? great place t? swim ?nd t? g? bird watching. Indeed, ?f you’re ?n? f?r beautiful natural sceneries, th?n Lake Constance ?? n?t t? b? ignored.

7.) Th? Black Forest

Th? n?m? l??k? l?k? ?t h?? b??n t?k?n fr?m ?n? ?f th? fairy tales, doesn’t it? Th? Black Forest – ?t sounds l?k? ? place wh?r? evil witches reside ?nd cursed trees grow, but don’t l?t th?t deter ??u though. If anything, th? Black Forest ??n h?rdl? b? related t? ?t? n?m? ?? it’s ? sunny forest w?th tall ?nd sturdy firs. It’s ? great place t? g? hiking ?nd ? great place f?r picnics.

8.) Cologne

Wh?n ??u hear th? word, Cologne, wh?t ??m?? ?nt? ??ur mind? A beautiful fragrance, right? Well, meet th? town that’s called Cologne f?r ? reason, ?nd indeed, th? town ?f Cologne h?? ?t? ?wn peculiar fragrance that’s v?r? pleasing t? th? nose. Also, th?r? ??u w?ll find ? beautiful view ?f th? River Rhine ?nd th? Cologne Cathedral.

9.) Dachau

T?k? ? break fr?m th? fairytale castles ?nd mystical forests ?nd g? t? th? place called Dachau. Dachau ?? ? concentration camp – ? remnant ?f Germany’s dark ???t wh?r? ??u ??n ?u?t imagine th? horrors th?t t??k place ?n th?? v?r? spot. However, ??u w?ll ?l?? find th?r? ? statue bearing th? inscription, “Never Again”, ? solemn promise ?f th? German people th?t th?? w?ll ‘never again’ commit ?u?h unspeakable acts – ?n?th?r true victory f?r peace.

10.) Oktoberfest

Th? Oktoberfest – technically, it’s n?t ? place, but it’s ?u?t t?? good ? festival t? leave ?ut ?f ?n? ‘top ten list’ th?t concerns tourism ?nd Germany. Th?? fun-filled festival ?n th? town ?f Bavaria ?? guaranteed t? leave ??u intoxicated ?nd euphoric. Y?u ??n spend days ?n ?nd ?u?t drinking authentic German Ale ?nd ?u?t letting ??ur??lf loose.