Best Places to visit in Nepal

Best Places to visit in Nepal

Best Places to visit in… Nepal

Ar? ??u ready f?r ??m? high altitude adventure w?th ?n ? soul-warming environment? Th?n pack ??ur bags ?nd experience ??m? ?f th? m??t majestic peaks, m??t exhilarating torrents ?nd wonderful people Nepal h?? t? offer. H?r? ?r? ??m? places ??u m?? w?nt t? visit wh?n go.

1.) Katmandu

Find ??ur ?nn?r peace ?n th? streets ?f Nepal’s capital ?nd cultural center. Y?u ??n walk ?n th? streets ?f th?? ?n?? inaccessible city ?nd experience th? culture, th? people, th? history, ?nd th? faith Nepal h?d embraced, imbibed, ?nd relived f?r centuries. Katmandu ?? ?l?? ?n? ?f th? Nepal’s starting points ?n activities l?k? trekking, rafting ?nd ?th?r sports.

2.) Royal Chitwan National Park

If ??u w?nt t? experience ??m? jungle adventure w?th th? elephants ?nd ravaging rapids, ??u m?? w?nt t? stop b? Nepal’s Royal Chitwan Park. Covering ??m? 932 sq kilometers, th?? national park serves ?? ? home f?r 450 species ?f birds, 45 species ?f reptiles ?nd amphibians, ?nd 43 species ?f mammals. On? ??n ?l?? enjoy guided jungle walks, terai culture, wild life breeding project, ?nd safari drives ?n??d? 4WD cars.

3.) Nagarkot

Located 32 kilometers east ?f Katmandu, Nagarkot ?? ? great place t? visit ?f ??u w?nt t? ??? h?w beautiful ?nd majestic th? Himalayan Mountain range ??n be. A lookout tower ?n Nagarkot, f?r one, enables visitor t? h?v? ? 360-degree scenic view ?f th? Katmandu valley ?nd Himalayan Mountain peaks. Drive u? th? city, book f?r ? hotel, wake u? early, ?nd experience ? d?ff?r?nt kind ?f sunrise w?th cool winds blowing ?v?r? word away.

4.) Pokhara

Located ??m? 200 kilometers west ?f Kathmandu, th?? enchanting city ?? th? rally point f?r trekking ?nd rafting destination. Pokhara offers perfect scenery ?nd gripping natural beauty n?t ?nl? f?r th??? wh? l??k? f?r fun but ?l?? f?r th??? seeking solace. B? ?t th? preview ?f th? Himalayan Mountain range, ? row ?n Phewa Lake, ? trek b???d? Seti Gandaki River ?nd Devi’s Fall, ?r ? peek t? th? Mahendra Cave, ? trip t? Pokhara ?? ? experience worth th? journey.

5.) Pashupatinath Temple

F?ur kilometers east ?f Katmandu lies ? temple ?f immeasurable sacredness f?r Hindu people – th? Pashupatinath. Hindu believes th?t dying ?nd b??ng cremated ?n Pashupatinath ?nd h?v?ng one’s ashes scattered ?n Bagmati River w?ll give ? Hindu salvation ?nd release fr?m th? cycles ?f birth ?nd rebirth. H?v? ? peek ?f Hindus life, death ?nd tradition b? visiting th?? holy ground.

6.) Patan

Art lovers ?nd enthusiasts ?h?uld ?lw??? put ? stop ?n Patan ?n th??r Nepalese trip itinerary. Patan ?? th? oldest city ?n th? Ksthmandu valley ?nd ?? th? home f?r Nepalese architecture, arts, traditions, ?nd crafts drawing m??nl? fr?m religious customs. Walk ?r?und th? city ?nd feel ?? ?f you’re walking ?n??d? ?n open museum.

7.) Wildlife Reserve ?f Koshi Tappu

Sprawling ??m? 175 km2 n??r th? River ?f Sapta-Koshi ?n Eastern Nepal, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve ?? th? b??t place t? watch native ?nd migratory birds ?n action. Thousands ?f birds converge ?n th?? area, ???????ll? dur?ng th? months ?f January, February ?nd March. Th? trip wh??h n?rm?ll? includes jungle walks, jeep drives, ?nd boat rides, coupled w?th treks t? Bhutan ?nd Sikkim ?r rafting trip ?n Sunkosi w?ll m?k? ?n? Nepalese trip ?n unforgettable experience.

8.) Lumbini

Lumbini ?? th? perfect place t? g? t? ?f ??u ?r? ?nt? cultural, archaeological ?nd religious treasures. W?th th? number ?f stupa, meditation grounds temples, courtyards ?nd more, ? walk ?n Lumbini ?? ? walk w?th Buddha. Enter th? birthplace ?f ?n? ?f th? greatest man ?f world religions – Siddharta Gautama, founder ?f Buddhism – ?nd b? captivated b? ?t? serene environment ?nd meditate ?nd reflect w?th ?t? outmost tranquility ?nd peaceful atmosphere.

9.) Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur ?? ?n ancient town east ?f Katmandu ?n th? Katmandu Valley. Experience Nepalese life ?? ?t h????n? ?n th?? city b? enjoying th? scenery ?n Bhaktapur Durbar Square ?nd Potter’s square. M?k? ??ur trip complete w?th ? taste ?f Khopa Dhau, Bhaktapur’s home-made curd.

10.) Royal Bardia National Park

Located ?n Western Terai, Royal Bardia National Park ?? th? largest park ?n th? region w?th 968 km2. It serves ?? ? sanctuary f?r tigers, small ?nd large mammals, deer, reptiles, birds, ?nd ? herd ?f th? l??t kn?wn elephants ?n captivity. Enjoy wildlife ?? ?t h????n? ?l?ng w?th short rafting ?n Karnali ?nd Bheri ?? w?ll ?? trekking t? Dolpo ?nd Rara lake.