Budget Travel Tips When Visiting London

Budget Travel Tips When Visiting London

Budget Travel Tips When Visiting London

Believe it or not, there are ways to visit London and still come away with your bank balance still intact. Without doubt London can be extremely expensive – US News reported in a recent article that it is among the ‘15 Most Expensive Cities to Visit’. But like anywhere in the world, if you are prudent with your money and engage in some pre-trip planning, there are ways that you can save substantial amounts of money.

Here are some of our budget travel tips for anyone who is looking at visiting London anytime soon…

Always use the buses or tube in London

Taxicabs in London are terribly expensive and can cost you significant amounts if you have to travel long distances or get held up in traffic. Day tickets for the tube and for buses in and around London are affordable and should be the preferred mode of transport.

Take advantage of the free museums

Over the last 5 years, London has made a name for itself for offering free admission to many of its leading museums. Some of the museums that are free to visit are: Science Museum, British Museum and the Natural History Museum.

There are some additional costs though to admissions if you wish to visit the IMAX for instance at the Science Museum, so make sure you check details before you go.

Expensive restaurants don’t generic levitra 10mg always serve the best food

Even for a capital city like London, there are many affordable eateries even for the most budget-conscience foodie. Time Out recently published an extensive list of ‘London’s Best Cheap Eats,’ that’s worth a read en route to England’s capital.

Use hire cars to visit places on the outskirts of London

Instead of booking train tickets for trips outside of London, sometimes it’s best to keep some money set aside for a hire car. Generally in England, hire cars are extremely affordable and can be picked up from the airport.

If you are planning to use one at the end of your trip, you can pick them up the day before you finish your journey and then deposit it at valet services that the airport offers. Heathrow, London’s biggest airport, has short stay parking options that you can return your hire cars to, and purchase valet services as per the Parking4Less portal, to make sure the car is as clean as when you picked it up. It is also worth noting that most hire companies will pick the cars up directly from the terminal in which you park it. However, make sure you check the small print so that you don’t incur any extra charges.

If you have any useful tips regarding visiting London or some interesting experiences, please feel free to impart your knowledge below.