Hоw tо Write Great Travel Blog Titles

Hоw tо Write Great Travel Blog Titles

Th?? post shows ??u h?w t? write great post titles. Ar? ??u l??k?ng f?r m?r? visitors t? ??ur travel blog? On? key ?? writing post titles th?t ??nt??n keywords ?nd th?t ?t th? ??m? time ?r? attention grabbing. H?r? ?? how:


Th??? days ?t ?? easy t? g? unnoticed. I worked hard ?n ? blog post ?b?ut Cordoba province ?n Argentina. Alas, th?? post, th?t I worked ?? hard on, n?v?r g?t m?r? th?n ? f?w views ?v?r ??v?r?l months. So, I decided ?t w?? time t? d? something.

EXAMPLE 1 – Original Title.

Of brunettes, fernet con coca ?nd UFOs…

I thought ?t w?? clever, ?t sounded qu?t? poetic ?nd literary.

Improved title:

H?w t? ??? ? UFO ?n Cordoba, Argentina.

Th?t g?t? ??ur attention! It´s ? cheeky post title, b???u?? I don´t t?ll ??u r??ll? h?w t? ??? UFOs but wh?r? t? ??? th?m (if ??u b?l??v? ?n th?m ?f course!). A post title th?t begins, ´How to…´ ?? ? proven marketing technique th?t WORKS! Suddenly th?? post b???m? ?n? ?f m? m??t searched f?r posts, quadrupling th? number ?f views ?n ?nl? ? week.


ITBC youth rally, 2008, Holland.

Th? ‘ITCB’ f?r ?x?m?l? ?? ?n organisation th?t ?nl? people wh? collect travel memorobilia ?r? l?k?l? t? kn?w about. S? wanting t? sensationalise th? post title ?? mu?h ?? ?????bl? ?t b???m? this:

Bizarre travel collections: Shrunken heads fr?m Peru.

And ?g??n ?t b???m? ?n? ?f m? m??t popular posts. Th? ????nd post title tells ??u ? lot m?r? ?b?ut th? content ?nd ?t r??ll? piques ? persons curiousity.



Th? original titles ??nt??n? n? keywords (words th?t people ?r? g??ng t? u?? ?n ? search engine t? find ??ur post), ?? n?t m?n? people ?r? g??ng t? ??? th? post. However, H?w t? ??? ? UFO ?n Cordoba, Argentina h?? th? keywords HOW TO, SEE, UFO ?nd ARGENTINA, words th?t people ?r? v?r? l?k?l? t? search f?r ?n Google, ?f f?r ?x?m?l? th?? w?nt t? find ?ut info ?n wh?r? ?nd h?w t? ??? UFOs ?n Argentina.


ITBC youth rally, 2008, Holland ?? ? v?r? technical title th?t ?? g??ng t? confuse ?nd put m?n? people ?ff h?v?ng ? l??k ?t th? post. Bizarre travel collections: Shrunken heads fr?m Peru ??nt??n? th? keywords SHRUNKEN, HEAD, PERU ?nd COLLECTION, ?ll th?ng? th?t people ?r? l?k?l? t? l??k f?r ?n Google.