Here’s What You Need To Know If You’re A Backpacking Beginner

Here’s What You Need To Know If You’re A Backpacking Beginner


For some people, backpacking can be one of the first big steps in a traveling journey that will last a lifetime. Sounds cheesy right now, but we are thinking about just taking that dive and going on a trip that will open our eyes to the world forever. You can plan a trip now, maybe go to New Zealand, get a car hire in Queenstown, roam its vineyards and mining towns, and enjoy looking at Lake Wakatipu. Backpacking is all that and more; you can completely immerse yourself in the place you plan to travel.


With backpacking, you will not just look at everything through the eyes of a tourist, you will be able to learn how it is to live like a local. And for some travellers, ‘turning local’ themselves is not such a bad idea. If you are a beginner, here are top tips to help you on your first backpacking journey.

Saving up for the trip
Backpacking does not save you from shelling out a significant amount of money. Even if you are sure that you will not spend a lot, it is smarter to have emergency saved up for use. As much as you can guarantee safe travels, things can happen when you least expect them, so make sure you are ready for it.

Budgeting even more during the trip
Again, backpacking does not ensure you can get the cheapest of everything. There are no special treatments for backpackers, remember that. To make sure you do not over budget, research the price of food and transportation in the place. See if there are free accommodations you can get, too. As much as you have brought enough money to get you by, also make sure that you are not bringing a hefty amount so as not to attract danger.

Finding the safest and affordable transportation
The best way to travel is via bus or train. Cabs will be a bit pricey, this is true anywhere you go, so only resort to them when you have no choice. Commuting by bus or train will give you a glimpse of what the locals experience during commute hours. But you can always get yourself a car rental so you can experience driving to your destination.

Pack appropriately
The first thing to do when packing is to know what kinds of seasons the place has. If it is a country that mostly has a sunny-rainy weather, bring light clothes and maybe one or two hoodies. For countries with multiple seasons, you can pack sweaters or snow gear if you will be staying there during winter.

Choose the right accommodation
Hotels is mostly out of the question when backpacking, although you can always choose low-star hotels that have good reviews. You can also choose hostels, condotels, or airBnB’s. AirBnB is the most popular kind of accommodation nowadays because it offers travellers an option on where to stay without the worry of breaking bank.

Consider eating local
Usually, local delicacies are much cheaper that restaurant prepared dishes. Consider immersing yourself in the culture even more by eating local food where it is prepared authentically. You can also go to their local grocery store and checkout products you have not even heard before.

Keep in contact with friends and family
Last but not least is making sure your friends and family are aware about your travels. Update them whenever you can. Other than letting them know you are safe and enjoying the trip, this makes it easy for you to contact whoever in the event that you experience an accident.

Backpacking is fun, but it can be even more exciting if you know how to prepare well for it. Go on and pick a place you have always wanted to go to. Keep these tips in mind and for sure your trip will be a memorable one.