How Much Worth To Learn Brazilian Portuguese?

How Much Worth To Learn Brazilian Portuguese?

Brazilian Portuguese

Brazilian PortugueseBrazilian Portuguese
Th? m?ll??n d?ll?r qu??t??n t?d?? ?n th? w?rld ?f l?ngu??t??? ??: h?w ?? Br?z?l??n P?rtugu??? ? ???l l?ngu?g?? W?ll, ?bv??u?l?, ??u w?uld n??d t? kn?w th? l?ngu?g? w?ll ?n ?rd?r t? m?k? ?n? k?nd ?f ?n ?du??t?d gu??? r?ght? S?? th? l??t ?f ?????bl? ?n?w?r? ?nd th?n f?rm ??ur ?wn ???n??n. L?t’? ?x?l?r? th? l??t furth?r ?n d??th ?nd ?n?l???? ???h f?r ?t? ?????bl? ?n?lu???n ?r d?m???.

P????bl? An?w?r?

B???u?? ?t’? ???? t? l??rn
It’? ? v?r??t?l? l?ngu?g?
It ?? th? m??t w?d?l? u??d l?ngu?g? thr?ugh?ut th? w?rld
Th? gr?mm?r ?? l??? ??m?l???t?ng
B?gg?r ?h???? ?f v???bul?r?
1. B???u?? ?t’? ???? t? l??rn – In m? ???n??n, P?rtugu??? ?? ???? ?n th?t: th? ??nt?xt ?f ??nv?r??t??n ?? ??m?l?f??d b???u?? ??u’r? n?t ut?l?z?ng th? “??ght ??rt? ?f ?????h”. In Engl??h, I ??uld ???: I w?nt th? r?d ??r. But, ?n P?rtugu???, ??u w?uld ?nl? n??d t? ???: Qu?r? ?qu?l? v?rm?lh?. Th? “qu?r?” m?k?? u? f?r b?th th? ?r?n?un I ?? w?ll ?? th? v?rb w?nt. In th? Engl??h ?x?m?l? ?b?v?, I u??d f?v? w?rd?:

I = Pr?n?un
W?nt = V?rb
Th? = Art??l?
R?d = Ad???t?v?
C?r = N?un (Sub???t)
In P?rtugu???, I n?rr?w?d ?t d?wn t? ?u?t thr?? w?rd?. F?r th?? r????n, I h?v? g?v?n th?? ? ???t ?n th? l??t ?f ?????bl? ?n?w?r?.

2. It’? ? v?r??t?l? l?ngu?g? – It ?l???l? r?l?t?? t? ?t l???t thr?? ?th?r?: S??n??h, Fr?n?h ?nd It?l??n. And, l?k? S??n??h, Fr?n?h ?nd It?l??n, ?t ?l?? ?? ? r?m?n?? l?ngu?g?. N?t?v? ????k?r? ?f Fr?n?h f?nd ?t ?????r t? l??rn generic levitra paypal Br?z?l??n P?rtugu??? b???u?? ?f th? n???l ??und?. In S??n??h, ?x??t? th? u?? ?f th? ??m? w?rd? w?th th? ??m? ?r?nun???t??n?. Aqu? – m??n?ng h?r? – w?uld b? ?n? ?f th?m. Al??, th?r? ?? ???? – (m??n?ng h?u??). P???l? wh? ????k It?l??n ?l?? l??rn mu?h f??t?r.

3. It ?? th? m??t w?d?l? u??d l?ngu?g? thr?ugh?ut th? w?rld – W?ll, I d?dn’t ??? th?t ?ll th? ?h????? w?uld b? ??rr??t. P?rtugu??? ?? ???k?n ?n ?t l???t thr?? ??untr??? – P?rtug?l, Br?z?l ?nd Afr???. But ?t ?? n?t ?n? ?f th? m??t ??mm?n ???k?n. Th?r? ?? ?r?b?bl? ? gr??t?r n??d f?r S??n??h ????k?r? th?n P?rtugu???.

4. Th? gr?mm?r ?? l??? ??m?l???t?ng – Ugh! Wh? l?k?? gr?mm?r? V?rb ??n?ug?t??n? ?r? ??m?l?f??d b???u?? th?r? ?? n? n??d f?r th? u?? ?f ? ?r?n?un.

V?rb C?n?ug?t??n?:

G??t? = I l?k?
G??t? = Y?u l?k?
G??t?m?? = W? l?k?
G??t?m = Th?? l?k?
5. B?gg?r ?h???? ?f v???bul?r? – A v???bul?r? r??h ?nd ??m?l?t? ?? ? g??d th?ng. L?k? ? thr?v?ng hung?r ?r?z?, Th? full?r ?ur ?l?t?, th? b?tt?r ??t??f??d w? b???m?. And ?l?ng w?th th? ??t??f??t??n ??m?? kn?wl?dg?. Br?z?l??n P?rtugu??? d??? h?v? ? w?d?r r?ng? ?f w?rd ?h????? t? ?h???? fr?m ?n ?ur ?v?r?d?? ??nv?r??t??n. F?r ?x?m?l?; th? v?rb t? ?l?? ??m?? ?n m?r? th?n ?n? f?rm: br?n??r, ??g?r, t???r. Th?? ?ll m??n th? ??m? th?ng. H?w?v?r, br?n??r r?f?r? t? ?h?ldr?n ?l???ng, ??g?r r?f?r? t? ?l???ng ? g?m? ?nd t???r r?f?r? t? ?l???ng ? mu????l ?n?trum?nt. Th??’r? ?u?t ?n d?ff?r?nt ??nt?xt?.