Must See Locations on a Beautiful Cruise Round The Med

Must See Locations on a Beautiful Cruise Round The Med

The western Mediterranean Sea has long been a favourite amongst those who enjoy picturesque beaches, exciting cities and natural rich beauty with vibrant colours pouring out from every corner depending on the season. These days more and more people are deciding to enjoy this unique area of the world by taking a cruise. This helps not only people who are short on time cram as much into their holiday as possible, but also the more adventurous traveller who decides that a 2 week beach holiday isn’t really their thing. Nowadays most travel agents offer a competitive package cruise deal so it’s a good idea to shop around.

When visiting the Med the last thing you want to do is miss out on any of its hidden gems, so below are the top 3 recommended places to visit.


Livorno, Italy
This stop is well known for its accessibility to major cities such as Florence and Pisa, home of the famous leaning tower of Pisa. Pisa is also famous for its fantastic food, but then again this could be said for the whole of Italy. Also you should put Campo dei Miracoli and world-class shopping at Borgo Stretto on your itinery. Florence also has its share of ‘must see’ attractions such as Michaelangelo’s famous generic levitra legal statue David, the Ponte Vecchio bridge, the Uffizi Gallery, and other historical attractions from the Renaissance period.

Gibraltar, UK (technically)

This small island sits at the southern tip of Spain and is unique in many ways, not least because it is one of the very few places where monkeys can be seen living amongst the locals. Steeped in history, the Moorish Castle and St Michaels cave give a really good flavour and insight into how this small and beautiful island was smothered in war for many centuries. Even if you don’t like history, there is still plenty to do and see for people of all ages.

Barcelona, Spain
You simply can’t  go on a cruise around the Mediterranean without wandering around the amazing city of Barcelona at some point.
Must-see attractions include Plaza de Catalunya and Nou Camp, or Camp Nou as the locals call it, where FC Barcelona play their home football matches. The archictecture throughout the city is like nowhere else in Spain, gothic in places, with a modern touch around the edges. If you do make this stop you will undoubtedly hear about the famous Las Ramblas which is known for an abundance of shops and restaurants which serve up a really good flavour of this beautiful city.