Places to See in Plymouth

Places to See in Plymouth


PlymouthPlaces to See in Plymouth

D?v?n’? l?rg??t ??nurb?t??n, ?nd ?n? ?f Br?t??n’? gr??t??t ???f?r?ng ??t???, Pl?m?uth ?r?du??d ?u?h ??? d?g? ?? Fr?n??? Dr?k? ?nd J?hn H?wk?n?, b?th ?f wh?m ?l???d ? l??d?ng r?l? ?n th? r?ut ?f th? S??n??h Arm?d? ?n 1588. An ?m??rt?nt n?v?l b???, th? ??t? ?ndur?d f?r????u? b?mb?ng ?n W?rld W?r II ?nd f?r?d l?ttl? b?tt?r fr?m ?n??n??t?v? r?bu?ld?ng ?n th? w?r’? ?ft?rm?th.

F?rtun?t?l?, ?t? h??t?r?? B?rb???n d??tr??t ?nd ?d????nt h?rb?ur h?v? ?urv?v?d ?nt??t, ?l?ng w?th ? h?ndful ?f t?mb?r-fr?m?d ?nd ??tt??d h??t?r?? bu?ld?ng?. Add?d t? th??? ?r? ??m? ??m??ll?ng m?d?rn ?ttr??t??n? ?nd ? l?v?l? ?ultur?l ???n?, ?ll ?f wh??h r???? ? v???t t? th?? ?ld h?rb?ur t?wn.

T?? 10 F??tur??

1 Pl?m?uth H??
2 N?t??n?l M?r?n? Aqu?r?um
3 S?ltr?m
4 M?unt Edg?umb?
5 C?t? Mu??um ?nd Art G?ll?r?
6 Cr?wnh?ll F?rt
7 M?r?h?nt’? H?u?? Mu??um
8 Bl??k Fr??r? D??t?ll?r?
9 Sutt?n H?rb?ur
10 El?z?b?th?n H?u??

Pl?m?uth H??
H?gh ?b?v? th? h?rb?ur l??k?ng ?ut ?v?r Pl?m?uth S?und, th? H?? ?? ? gr???? ?x??n?? ?tudd?d w?th m?m?r??l? ?nd ? r?l???t?d l?ghth?u?? – Sm??t?n’? T?w?r. L?wn? ?nd fl?w?rb?d? m?k? th?? ?n ?d??l ???t ?n f?n? w??th?r.

N?t??n?l M?r?n? Aqu?r?um
Pl?m?uth’? m??t h?gh-?r?f?l? ?ttr??t??n f??tur?? ? r?ng? ?f m?r?n? l?f?, ?u?h ?? ?h?rk?, m?r?? ??l? ?nd ???h?r???. P?n?l? ?r?v?d? ?n??ght? ?nt? l?f? und?rw?t?r. F??d?ng t?m?? t?k? ?l??? thr?ugh th? d??.

A G??rg??n m?n???n ??t ?n ?t? ?wn gr?und? ?ut??d? Pl?m?uth, S?ltr?m ?? ?d?rn?d w?th ?xqu???t? furn??h?ng? (?b?v?) ?nd w?rk? ?f ?rt. S?v?r?l f?lm?, ?n?lud?ng S?n?? ?nd S?n??b?l?t?, h?v? b??n ?h?t h?r?.

M?unt Edg?umb?
S?t ?n th? R?m? generic levitra effectiveness P?n?n?ul? f???ng Pl?m?uth ??r??? th? S?und, M?unt Edg?umb? ?? ?urr?und?d b? ??rkl?nd th?t ?ff?r? ?tu??nd?u? v??w? ?f th? ??t? ?nd ?l?ng th? ????t.

Sutt?n H?rb?ur
Th? h?rb?ur w?? th? ?mb?rk?t??n ???nt f?r C??t??n C??k, ?nd, ?n 1620, f?r th? P?lgr?m F?th?r? ?? m?rk?d b? th? M??fl?w?r St??? ?nd ? ?l?qu?.

C?t? Mu??um ?nd Art G?ll?r?
Th? w?d?-r?ng?ng ?xh?b?t? h?r? ?n?lud? Eg??t??n ?t?tu?tt??, ?r??nt?l ??r??l??n, Afr???n b??dw?rk ?nd l???l ?r?h???l?g???l f?nd?.

M?r?h?nt’? H?u?? Mu??um
Th?? 17th-??ntur? bu?ld?ng h?u??? ? ??ll??t??n ?f ?ur????t??? ?n?lud?ng ? du?k?ng ?t??l, ? V??t?r??n d?ll’? h?u??, ? ?h?rm??? ?nd ? r???n?tru?t?d ??h??lr??m.

Bl??k Fr??r? D??t?ll?r?
Or?g?n?ll? ? m?r?h?nt’? h?u??, th?? d??t?ll?r? h?? b??n ?r?du??ng Pl?m?uth G?n ??n?? 1793. It ?? b?l??v?d th?t th? P?lgr?m F?th?r? ??ught ?h?lt?r h?r? b?f?r? ??urn???ng ?n th? M??fl?w?r.

El?z?b?th?n H?u??
Th?? Tud?r h?m? ?r???rv?? ?t? l?w ???l?ng? ?nd ?r??k?ng ??k fl??r?. A r??t?r?d k?t?h?n ?? ?n th? gr?und fl??r, th? d?n?ng r??m ?nd ??rl?ur ?n th? f?r?t fl??r ?nd b?dr??m? ?n th? ????nd.

Cr?wnh?ll F?rt
Pl?m?uth’? f?n??t ?x?m?l? ?f m?l?t?r? ?r?h?t??tur? d?t?? fr?m 1872. It w?? ?n? ?f th? “P?lm?r?t?n f?rt?”, bu?lt t? d?f?nd th? ??untr? fr?m ? Fr?n?h ?nv????n.

Th? H??t?r???l P?rt
F?rm?rl? ? ?m?ll f??h?ng ??mmun?t?, Pl?m?uth ?r????r?d ?n th? 15th ?nd 16th ??ntur??? ?? ? n?v?l b??? ?nd ? ??rt f?r w??l ?h??m?nt?. Th? P?lgr?m F?th?r? ?mb?rk?d fr?m h?r? ?n 1620 t? f?und th? Am?r???n ??l?n? ?f N?w Pl?m?uth. C??t??n C??k ?nd Ch?rl?? D?rw?n b?th ???l?d fr?m h?r? ?n l?t?r ??ntur???. Th? ??t?’? n?v?l ?r???n?? ??nt?nu?? t? b? ?tr?ng.