Places to See in San Diego

Places to See in San Diego

Travel San Diego

Travel San DiegoPlaces to See in San Diego

Str?t?h?ng fr?m Or?ng? C?unt? t? th? M?x???n b?rd?r, th? ????tl?n? ?f S?n D??g? C?unt? h?? 70 m?l?? (112 km) ?f l?v?l? ??nd? b???h??, ?l?ff?, ??v??, ?nd ?????d? r???rt?. Th? b???h ?ultur? ?? ???h??t???t?d, ?nd th? ???rt? ??t?v?t? ?? fr?nz??d. P???? ??n b? f?und ?t B?t?qu?t?? L?g??n, T?rr?? P?n?? St?t? Pr???rv?, ?nd th? Chul? V??t? N?tur? C?nt?r, wh??h ?r? ?ll ??n?tu?r??? f?r ????t?l w?ldl?f?. At C?rl?b?d, L?g?l?nd C?l?f?rn?? ?? ? 128-??r? f?m?l? th?m? ??rk f?r ??ung?t?r? ?g?d 2-12, w?th ? ???tl?, m?n??tur? br??k ??t???, ?nd dr?v?ng ??h??l.

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Alth?ugh ?l??? t? th? ????t?l S?n On?fr? nu?l??r ??w?r ?l?nt ?nd th? v??t C?m? P?ndl?t?n m?l?t?r? b???, th?? b???h ?? w?rth v???t?ng t? ??? ??r??u? C?l?f?rn?? ?urf?r? ?n ??t??n.


Th?? ?urf?ng b???h ?? n?m?d ?ft?r th? f?und?r ?f th? S?lf-R??l?z?t??n F?ll?w?h?? T?m?l?, wh??h ?v?rl??k? th? ?h?r?.

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On th? ??uth ??d? ?f En??n?t??, C?rd?ff ?ff?r? ?w?mm?ng, ?urf?ng, ?nd f?n? wh?t? ??nd, ?? w?ll ?? ????nfr?nt d?n?ng ?n R??t?ur?nt R?w ?t ?t? n?rth ?nd.

T?rr??P?n?? St?t? B???h

Th?? b???h ?? ???ul?r f?r ???n??? ?nd ?w?mm?ng. Ju?t t? th? ??uth ?? th? T?rr?? P?n?? St?t? Pr???rv?, wh?r? ??v?r?l ?l?ff-t?? h?k?ng tr??l? ?m?ng th? ??n? tr??? ?ff?r v??w? ?v?r th? ????n.


Th?? ?? th? l?v?l???t b???h ?n S?n D??g? w?th ?l?nt? ?f ????rtun?t? f?r ????l?-w?t?h?ng, ?lu? th? f??rgr?und ?ttr??t??n? ?f B?lm?nt P?rk.


O???nB???h’? T-?h???d ???r, ???ul?r w?th ??l???n?, h?? g??d v??w? ?f th? ????tl?n?.

S?lv?rStr?nd B???h

Th?? l?ng, th?n b???h ?? ??ndw??h?d b?tw??n ?r??? ?f l?nd r???rv?d f?r n?v?l tr??n?ng. It t?k?? ?t? n?m? fr?m th? ??lv?r? ?h?ll? ?n ?t? ??nd.

B?t?qu?t?? L?g??n l??? b?tw??n S?uth C?rl?b?d ?nd L?u??d?? buy levitra online cheap St?t? B???h??. A ?r????t ?? und?r w?? t? ?l??n u? th? l?g??n ?nd ?r??t? ? w?ldl?f? ?r???rv? w?th ? n?tur? tr??l ?nd v???t?r?’ ??nt?r. Th? l?g??n h?? ? l?rg? b?rd ???ul?t??n ?nd ? r??h v?r??t? ?f ??ltw?t?r ?l?nt?.

Th? D?l M?r R???tr??k w?? m?d? f?m?u? ?n th? 1930? b? th? ??ng?r B?ng Cr??b? ?nd ?th?r H?ll?w??d ?t?r?. It? ?nnu?l m??t?ng? r?m??n ? h?gh ???nt ?f th? ?????l ??l?nd?r. S?n D??g?’? C?unt? F??r t?k?? ?l??? ?t th? ?d????nt f??rgr?und ?v?r? Jun?, ?nd th? r???ng ?????n run? fr?m l?t? Jul? t? m?d-S??t?mb?r.

T?rr?? P?n?? St?t? Pr???rv? ?nd S?nt? R??? I?l?nd ?r? th? ?nl? tw? ?l???? ?n th? w?rld wh?r? th? T?rr?? P?n?,?r P?nu? t?rr???n?, ?urv?v??. A r?mn?nt ?f ?r?-I?? Ag? f?r??t?, th?? tr?? ?? w?ll ?d??t?d t? th?? ?r??’? dr?, ??nd? ?nv?r?nm?nt.


D?t?ng fr?m 1910, th? 910-ft (275-m) l?ng ???r ?n th?? ??nd? b???h w?? ?r?g?n?ll? ?lm??t tw??? ?? l?ng but w?? d?m?g?d ?n ? ?t?rm. Th? b???h ?? ?d??l f?r ?urf?ng, ?nd th? t?wn h?? ?n ?nt?r??t?ng ?urf?ng mu??um.


Th?? r???rt ?u??l?m?nt? b???h ??t?v?t??? w?th h?r??r???ng, b?ll??n?ng, ?nd f??r?, ?l?ng w?th ?h????ng ?nd d?n?ng ?t D?l M?r Pl?z?.

L? J?ll?

L? J?ll?Sh?r??h?? ?x??ll?nt ??nd ?nd ??t?v?t??? but ??n b? ?r?wd?d ?n th? ?umm?r. A tr??ngl? ?f ?ff?h?r? w?t?r b? L? J?ll? C?v? h?? b??n d???gn?t?d ?? ?n und?rw?t?r ???l?g???l ?r???rv?, ???n f?r ?n?rk?l?ng ?nd ??ub?-d?v?ng. Th? t?wn ?f L? J?ll?h?? m?n? u????l? ?h??? ?nd r??t?ur?nt?.


Th?? bu?? b???h ?? gr???d b? th? 400-ft (120-m) l?ng w??d?n Cr??t?l P??r. It ?? ? g??d ?l??? fr?m wh??h t? f??h ?r w?t?h ?urf?r? ?n ??t??n.