Places to See in Wellington

Places to See in Wellington

Travel Wellington

Travel WellingtonPlaces to See in Wellington
B??t Pl???? t? S?? ?n W?ll?ngt?n, C?nt?rbur?, M?rlb?r?ugh And N?l??n

W?ll?ngt?n And Th? S?uth

Th?r? ?r? m?n? l????r-kn?wn ??ght? t? b? ???n ?n th? w?? t? W?ll?ngt?n, N?w Pl?m?uth h?? ?nn?v?t?v?, ??nt?m??r?r? ?rt ?h?w? ?t th? G?v?tt-Br?w?t?r G?ll?r? ?nd th? ?umm?r f??t?v?l ?f l?ght?. Or t?k? ? tr?? d?wn th? Wh?ng?nu? R?v?r t? W?ng?nu?. S?m? ?f N?w Z??l?nd’? f?n??t w?n?? ??n b? ??m?l?d ?n th? w?n? ?r?? ?f M?rt?nb?r?ugh. T? P??? T?ng?r?w?,th? n?t??n?l h?r?t?g? mu??um,?? ? mu?t-??? ?n W?ll?ngt?n.

Al?? w?rth ?x?l?r?ng ?? th? h??t?r?? d??tr??t ?f Th?rnd?n, w?th ?t? 19th??ntur? v?ll?? ?l?ng?ng t? th? h?ll??d??.


• G?v?tt-Br?w?t?r G?ll?r? ?n N?w Pl?m?uth

• B?ut?qu? w?n?r??? ?f th? W??r?r???

• T? P??? T?ng?r?w?, th? n?t??n?l h?r?t?g? mu??um

M?rlb?r?ugh And N?l??n

F?r g?ntl? w?lk?ng h??d t? th? Ab?l T??m?n N?t??n?l P?rk, ?nd f?r ?w?mm?ng ?nd k???k?ng ???k ?ut th? b???h?? n??r G?ld?n B?? ?nd v?br?nt, ?rt? N?l??n. Th? ???t ????t ?r?und K??k?ur? ?? f?m?d f?r ?t? wh?l?-w?t?h?ng t?ur?, wh?l? th? r?n?wn?d M?rlb?r?ugh w?n?? r?und ?ff ? tr?? t? th? r?g??n n???l?.

F?r w?ldl?f? ?nd ???lud?d b??? h??d t? M?rlb?r?ugh S?und?.


• Art?, l??d-b??k N?l??n

• Wh?l?-w?t?h?ng ?t K??k?ur?

• M?rlb?r?ugh w?n??
C?nt?rbur? And Th? W??t C???t

T? th? ???t ?f th? S?uth?rn Al?? l?? th? fl?t, dr? ?l??n? ?f C?nt?rbur? ?nd Chr??t?hur?h, wh??h b??r? th? ?m?r?nt ?f ?t? Angl???n f?und?r? w?th ?t? l??f? ??rk? ?nd g?rd?n?, ?nd ??l?n??l ?t?l? bu?ld?ng?. T? th? w??t ?f tw? ????t??ul?r h?gh ?l??n? ?????? l??? th? W??t C???t, ? ?tr?? ?f r??n-f?r??t?d l?nd, ?un?tu?t?d b? th? bl?wh?l?? ?t Pun?k??k??nd th? F?x ?nd Fr?nz-J???f gl????r?. N?w Z??l?nd’? h?gh??t ???k, A?r?k?/M?unt C??k, ?nd th? H?gh C?untr? ?ff?r gr??t h?r?? tr?k? ?nd w?lk?.


• “G?rd?n ??t?” Chr??t?hur?h

• Lu?h W??t C???t r??nf?r??t?

• Sh?mm?r?ng gl????r?

M?rlb?r?ugh S?und?

Th? M?rlb?r?ugh S?und? r?g??n ?? ? m??? ?f b???, ?nl?t? ?nd h?dd?n ??v?? w?th num?r?u? w?lk?ng tr??k?, w?ldl?f?, h??t?r???l ??t?? ?nd un?ur?????d v??w?. P??t?n ?nd H?v?l??k ?r? th? S?und?’ m??n t?wn?.

L?un?h ??rv???? fr?m th??? tw? t?wn? ?r?v?d? th? b??t ?????? t? th? ???lud?d b??? ?nd ????mm?d?t??n b? th? ???. Th? b??t w??? t? ?x?l?r? th? S?und? ?r? b? b????l?, ??? k???k, ?r ?n f??t.

D’Urv?ll? I?l?nd

A??????bl? b? w?t?r t?x?, th? ??l?nd w?? ?n?? ?n ?m??rt?nt ??ur?? ?f ?rg?ll?t?, ? h?rd ??nd?t?n? u??d ?n t??l m?k?ng b? M??r?. T?d??, f?rm?ng ?? th? m??n ???u??t??n w?th f??h?ng, d?v?ng, k???k?ng ?nd m?unt??n b?k?ng ???ul?r ?ur?u?t?.

Fr?n?h P???

Th?? ???tur??qu? f??h?ng ?nd f?rm?ng v?ll?g? t?k?? ?t? n?m? fr?m th? n?rr?w ?nd tr???h?r?u? ?tr??t b?tw??n th? m??nl?nd ?nd D’Urv?ll? I?l?nd.

T?nn???n Inl?t ?? ?l??k?d ?n n?t?v? f?r??t. N?tur?l b??ut? ?b?und? ?n th?? qu??t ?nl?t wh?r? ???n?? ?r??? ?nd ??m???t?? ?r? f?und ?l?ng th? ?h?r?l?n?.

H?w Th? S?und? W?r? F?rm?d

Th? S?und? r?g??n ?????r? ?? ? ??r??? ?f r?dg?? r???ng ?b?v? th? w?t?r but ??, ?n f??t, ? ??r??? ?f v?ll??? dr?wn?d b? th? ????n. A ??mb?n?t??n ?f ?h?ng?ng ??? l?v?l? (du? t? w?rld ?l?m?t? ?h?ng??), m?v?m?nt ?l?ng f?ult? ?n th? r?g??n, ?nd t?lt?ng ?f th? l?ndm??? d?wnw?rd? ?nd t?w?rd? th? n?rth???t h?? ??u??d ?nund?t??n b? th? ???. Th? l??t ??gn?f???nt ?urg? ?n ??? l?v?l w?? ?t th? ?nd ?f ?n I?? Ag? ?b?ut 12,000 ???r? ?g?, ?nd g?v?? th? ?r?? ?t? ?urr?nt ??nu?u? ????tl?n?.

Qu??n Ch?rl?tt? Tr??k

Th?? 71-km (44-m?l?) ???n?? w?lk (?r m?unt??n b?k? r?d?), b?g?n? ?t Sh?? C?v? ?nd ?nd? ?t An?k?w?. A w?ll-m?rk?d tr??k, ?t ?? ?u?t?bl? f?r m?d?r?t?l? f?t ????l?. St?ut ?h??? ?r? n??????r?.

M?tu?r? I?l?nd

Th? ???n ??n?tu?r? ?f M?tu?r? I?l?nd S??n?? ?nd H??t?r?? R???rv? ?? h??t t? m?r??d b?rdl?f? ?nd ??n b? ?x?l?r?d ?n ? w?lkw??.

Out?r Qu??n Ch?rl?tt? S?und

Th? ?ut?r ??und ?r?v?d?? ?n ?nt???ng ??mb?n?t??n ?f ???n w?t?r, ??l?nd? ?nd w?ldl?f?. It ?? b??t v???t?d b? w?t?r t?x?, ??? k???k ?r w?ldl?f? t?ur.

K?n??uru S?und

Num?r?u? ????mm?d?t??n ?t?l?? ?r? ?v??l?bl? ?n th?? qu??t w?t?rw?? wh?r? w?lk?ng, f??h?ng ?nd ??m??ng ?r? ???ul?r.

T?r? Ch?nn?l w?? th? ??t? ?f N?w Z??l?nd’? f?r?t ?h?r?-b???d wh?l?ng ?t?t??n?, b?g?nn?ng ?n 1827. Cl???d ?n 1964, th? r?mn?nt? ?f th? l??t ?t?t??n, P?r?n?’?, ??n ?t?ll b? ???n.

P?rt Und?rw??d w?? ? ?tr?t?g?? wh?l?ng ?t?t??n ?n th? 1830?. T?d??, ?t? m??n ?ttr??t??n ?? Wh?t?’? B??, w?th ?t? ?w?mm?ng b???h ?nd ?ld ??bl? ?t?t??n.

St?r S?ght?

M?tu?r? I?l?nd
Out?r Qu??n Ch?rl?tt? S?und
Qu??n Ch?rl?tt? Tr??k