Best Places to Hit the Slopes on New Zealand’s South Island

Best Places to Hit the Slopes on New Zealand’s South Island

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Thinking about taking a trip to New Zealand’s South Island for some skiing and snowboarding? If you’ve nodded your head for “yes”, then you’ve come to the right place. New Zealand is known for its beautiful snow-capped mountains, gorgeous glaciers, and all-around incredible nature. It’s a place for adventure as well as relaxation, especially in the wintertime. The South Island of New Zealand offers a plethora of world-class snowsport destinations that will give you the best of both these worlds. Here’s our list of the best areas for skiing on New Zealand’s South Island.

  1. Mt Hutt

Let’s start our list with one of the most famous skiing destinations in New Zealand. Mt Hutt is located on the South Island and is a favored winter sport spot for tourists as well as locals. If you’re staying in or around Queenstown, then Mt Hutt is the place to be. And luckily for you, there are plenty of Queenstown ski packages to choose from! Although it’s one of the driest places in New Zealand, it has the largest slope areas that create some awesome snow terrains. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or a pro – if you want to truly enjoy adventure just like the Kiwis themselves, then you’ll need just one visit to Mt Hutt to understand why we’re calling it one of the best places to ski in New Zealand.

  1. Ohau

The next skiing destination to check out is Ohau, which is a mountain that gets loaded with snowfall every year, thus making it another favorite destination. This place is especially good  for families, children, and novices, as there is a range of different slopes to choose from. People of all ages visit Ohau to try their first-hand experience at snow sports. An interesting fact about Ohau Mountain is that the highest peak is 1924 meters and it has an enthralling 400-metre vertical fall which is known as “The Boulevard” at the base. But actually, the vertical fall is safe for beginners! The slope is wide and can give you a superb adrenaline rush, and the zig-zag path keeps you entertained all the way down the slope. You’ll also be able to catch a glimpse of more experienced skiiers jetting down difficult zones like the “High Traverse” and the “Escalator”.

  1. Treble Cone

And last but not least, we have Treble Cone, which is located in the mesmerizing Southern Alps, a mountain range that will make your jaw drop the moment you see it. Its scenic beauty and breathtaking peaks are truly out of this world. Treble Cone is actually the largest skiing destination on the South Island, and people of all ages visit here to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. The ski resort is spread over three of the largest river basins, so there’s plenty to explore every time you return. This destination is extremely family-friendly and great for beginners.

Every year, tons of tourists from all over the world visit New Zealand’s South Island to check out its enchanting winter and adventurous ski slopes. We hope you join in on the fun, and happy skiing!