The ‘Must Visit’ Places to visit in 2013

The ‘Must Visit’ Places to visit in 2013

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1. M? f?r?t r???mm?nd?d tr?v?l d??t?n?t??n f?r 2013 ?? Ch?nt?ll?, V?rg?n??, USA h??t t? th?? ???r’? ?nnu?l B?ld?rb?rg m??t?ng M?? 31?t – Jun? 3rd. Ch?nt?ll?, V?rg?n??, ?t th? W??tf??ld M?rr??t H?t?l, w?? th? h??t f?r th? 2008 B?ld?rb?rg m??t?ng.

Ch?nt?ll?, V?rg?n?? ?? w?th?n ?l??? ?r?x?m?t? t? W??h?ngt?n, D.C.; th? n?t??n’? ????t?l ?ff?r? ? un?qu? h??t?r???l, ?ultur?l ?x??r??n?? ?? w?ll ?? ? gr??t ?l??? t? v???? d????nt! F?rtun?t?l? t??, f?r th? budg?t tr?v?l?r, Ch?nt?ll? h?? ? ??uth h??t?l ?n th? ?ut?k?rt? ?f th? W??h?ngt?n, D.C. ?r??. Wh? n?t b??k ??ur r???rv?t??n? n?w, ?nd ?n??? th? b??ut?ful V?rg?n?? ??untr???d? ?nd W??h?ngt?n, D.C. ?ultur?l ??t?v?t??? wh?l? ?l?? v???l?z?ng ??ur d???l???ur? t? ? ?????ng b?nk?r, ??l?t????n, ?r ??r??r?t? CEO? Y?ur ???n??n? ?nd d???u????n? m?? ?l?nt th? ?n???t??n ???d ??t?v?t?ng ? ??ng ?f ??n????n?? th?t w?ll ?v?ntu?ll? l??d t? l??? h?rmful w?rld ??l?????. If ??u d????v?r th? ?v?rt ??d?w?lk ?r?t??t? ?r? l??? ?u?????ful, m?? I ?ugg??t ?n ?lt?rn?t?v?, ?t??lth ???r???h: ????t??n ??ur??lf ?? ? w?ll-dr????d h?t?l ??tr?n ?n th? l?bb? wh?r? th? B?ld?rb?rg m?mb?r? ?r? ?t???ng. A?t ?? ?n un???um?ng g?dfl?, l??t?n?ng f?r t?ll?ng ??nv?r??t??n? fr?m B?ld?rb?rg m??t?ng ?tt?nd???.

Gr?nt?d, ?u?h ?nt?m?t? ?????? m?? ?r?v? t? b? d?ff??ult; h?w?v?r, f?r th? d?t?rm?n?d ???r?t?d ?????l ??t?v??t, th? ?h?ll?ng? ?nh?n??? th? ?dv?ntur? ?nd th? ?u????? ?w??t?n? th? r?w?rd.

Ar? ??u r??d? f?r ?umm?r ?utd??r fun, ? fr??l?n?? ??urn?l??t’? dr??m, ?nd ? ?r?ud ??n?? ?f m?r?l ????m?l??hm?nt? Th?t’? wh?t I ?x??r??n??d wh?n I ?l?nn?d m? f?ll 2000 v???t??n ?n Eur??? t? ???n??d? w?th th? ??h?dul?d IMF / W?rld B?nk m??t?ng ?n Pr?gu?. A w?ll-?rg?n?z?d ?nt?-gl?b?l?z?t??n ?r?t??t w?? w??t?ng f?r th? b?nk?ng ?tt?nd???, ??m?l?r t? th? ?u?????ful buy levitra ?nt?-WTO ?r?t??t ?n S??ttl?, N?v?mb?r ’99, wh??h I ?tt?nd?d. I w?nt?d t? ??nt?nu? b??ng ? ??rt ?f th?? ?r?ud m?v?m?nt.

I’m ??rt??n ?t th? W??h?ngt?n, D.C. ??uth h??t?l, ?nd ?r?und t?wn, ??u w?ll m??t k?ndr?d ???r?t? wh? ?r? ?l?? kn?wl?dg??bl? ?f th?? B?ld?rb?rg m??t?ng ?v?nt (gl?b?l ??t?z?n ?nd?v?du?l? ?nd v?r??u? NGO m?mb?r?). A? I h?d ?x??r??n??d dur?ng th? S??ttl? ’99 ?nd Pr?gu? 2000 ?r?t??t?, ??u w?ll f?rm l??t?ng fr??nd?h??? w?th th??? f?ll?w tr?v?l?r? / ??t?v??t?.

2. T? ?t?rt ??ur ?umm?r ?????n, I r???mm?nd ?l?nn?ng ? v???t t? L?? C?b??, B??? C?l?f?rn??, M?x??? f?r th? ?nnu?l G-20 m??t?ng, Jun? 18-19. Wh?t fun ??u w?ll h?v? m?x?ng ?umm?r ?utd??r fun w?th ?????l ??t?v??m. C?b? S?n Lu??? ?ff?r? ??ub? d?v?ng, f??h?ng, n?ghtl?f?, ?nd ?? mu?h m?r?. Ev?n th?ugh th? r??h ?l?t? w?ll b? ?t???ng ?t ?x??n??v? r???rt?, th?r? ?r? ?m?l? ?n?x??n??v? l?dg?ng ??t??n? ?t L?? C?b??, ?n?lud?ng ??uth h??t?l?. Y?u ??n ?v?n ??t?h ??ur t?nt n??r th? b???h!

3. T? ?t?rt ??ur f?ll ?????n, I r???mm?nd ? tr?? t? Sw?tz?rl?nd f?r th? WTO ?ubl?? f?rum m??t?ng ?n G?n?v?, Sw?tz?rl?nd, S??t?mb?r 24 – 26. A g??d ??ntr?l l???t??n f?r f?n? n??rb? ?k??ng, ?utumn ??l?r h?k?ng, ?nd ? ????ng h?t ????u???n? n?xt t? ? r??r?ng f?r??l??? ?? ??u l??t?n ?n t? ??m? ??w?rful b?nk?r’? ?n??d??u? ?l?n.

4. C?nt?nu?ng ??ur f?ll ?????n tr?v?l?, I r???mm?nd v???t?ng T?k??, J???n f?r th? IMF / W?rld B?nk m??t?ng, O?t. 12-14. En??? ?????l ??t?v??m b? d?? ?nd ?x?t?? bu?tl?ng T?k?? n?ghtl?f? b? n?ght.

F?r budg?t ????mm?d?t??n?, L?? C?b??, G?n?v?, ?nd T?k??, ?ll h?v? ??v?r?l h??t?l? ?n th? ??t? ?nd n??rb? v???n?t???.

L??t, f?r th??? ?l?nn?ng ?n tr?v?l?ng thr?ugh C?l?f?rn??, I r???mm?nd ?n ?utd??r ?x?ur???n n?rth ?f S?n Fr?n?????. B???d?? m?rv?l?u? v?n???rd?, ?n???r?ng r?dw??d? ?nd dr?m?t?? ????tl?n?, th?r?’? ?l?? ?n ?l?t? ??w?r br?k?r r?tr??t ??ll?d B?h?m??n Gr?v? n??tl?d ?n th? r?dw??d? n??r th? t?wn ?f Gu?rn?v?ll? ?nd th? Ru????n R?v?r.
Th? r?tr??t ?f ??ur?? h?? ???ur?t? ( ?? I d????v?r?d m?n? ???r? ?g?) ?? ?n und?r??v?r r?l? ?? ? n??v? h?k?r ?? ? g??d ?t?rt. Wh?l? ???r?ng thr?ugh th? r?dw??d?, ??u m?? f?nd ?n ?nflu?nt??l ??l?t????n ?r CEO ??rf?rm?ng ??m? d???d?nt, h?d?n??t?? r?tu?l ?n ? ??ll?w ?h?ff?n dr???! D?n’t f?rg?t t? br?ng ??ur ??m?r?!