The Ocho Rios in Jamaica

The Ocho Rios in Jamaica

Ocho Rios  – Jamaica

G?v?n m?n? names b? ?t? settlers but m??t commonly kn?wn ?? “xayamaca”(land ?f river ?nd spring) wh??h w?? g?v?n b? th? Arawak, th? breathtaking waterfall ?? ?b?ut 180 feet (55m) high ?nd 55 feet (180m) long, consists ?f green lush vegetation, huge magnificent manmade stair case, ?nd numerous lagoons th?t filters th? nearby Caribbean sea. V?r??u? activities ?r? ?v??l?bl? f?r ???h adventurous personal ?u?h ?? chain rock climbing wh?r? ?n th? climbers climb hand ?n hand t? th? top ?f th? falls, guided b? professional staff members. Th? facility ?? suitable f?r th? entire family wh?r? th?? ??n h?v? fun ?nd relaxation. S?m? ?f th? activities ?t th? Dunn’s River Falls include tennis, golf, zip lines, horseback riding ?nd mu?h more.


Jamaica h?? th? world largest dolphin lagoon, wh?r? ??u g?t t? swim w?th th? dolphins, sharks ?nd stingrays ?n th??r natural water environment. Visitors ?l?? h?v? access t? interact w?th iguanas, snakes ?nd ? variety ?f birds. Th?? magnificent property ?? ?l?? surrounded b? 5 acres ?f lush tropical rain forest. Oth?r activities ?v??l?bl? ?r? glass bottom kayak, shark show, jungle trail walk ?nd ?l?? ? chance f?r visitors t? captain th??r ?wn mini boat.

Mystic Mountains

Picturesque 15-minutes ride thr?ugh Jamaica’s tropical generic cialis levitra viagra canopy wh?r? ??v?r?l electrifying adventures await. Th? track features ? gravity-driven plunge ?f 3,280 feet w?th twists ?nd turns. Giving ???h outdoor enthusiast person th? rush ?nd trill. Excitement t? l??t f?r ? life time, visitors w?ll b? driving th??r ?wn bobsled d?wn th? mountain side, traversing th? rain forest v?? ? zip line adventure, water slides ?nd pool ?nd th? amazing experience ?f th? magnificent cosine. Oth?r activities include water sports diving ?nd snorkeling, fishing ?nd sailing.


Th? word coyaba ?? ?n Arawak word means paradise. Th?? garden ?? perfect f?r nature lovers wh? fall head ?v?r heels f?r flora ?nd fauna ?nd th? raw beauty ?f nature. Th? garden consist ?f ? calming river, ?n amazing rapid falls fr?m significant elevations above.Visit th? aquarium ?f koi carp, mullet, snappers ?nd turtles ?n th??r natural habitat. Th? calm ?nd relaxing environment ensures ? magnificent time ?nd th? urge t? revisit th? garden.


Th? Turtle River Falls consist ?f 15 acres ?f lush tropical garden, fourteen breathtaking waterfalls, varieties ?f indigenous ?nd endangered plants, exotic birds, ? tropical isle swimming pool w?th swim u? bar ?nd grill. All set ?n ?n enchanted design. Customize service ?r?v?d?d t? fit ???h individual needs.