Top 5 Places to visit in Barcelona

Top 5 Places to visit in Barcelona

Camp Nou

1. Sagrada Familia

If ??u ?nl? g?t t? ??? ?n? th?ng wh?l?t ?n Barcelona, th? Sagrada Familia ?? it. Th?? huge cathedral h?? b??n ?n ? state ?f construction ??n?? ?? f?r b??k ?? 1882, ?nd th?r? ?? ?t l???t ?n?th?r 20 years ?r ?? unt?l ?t ?? complete. It ?? th? m??t famous building ?f th? m??t famous Spanish architect ?f th?m all, Antoni Gaudi, wh? died ?n 1926. It ?? ? project ?n ? vast scale,, ? trul? original monument th?t ???m? ?nt?r?l? fitting t? ?u?h ? fantastic city ?? Barcelona.

Gaudi worked ?n th? building u? unt?l h?? death, focusing ?n n?th?ng ?l?? f?r th? l??t 12 years ?f h?? life. It? incredible, original design h?? m?d? ?t instantly recognisable, ?nd ?t ?? ?n? ?f th? biggest tourist attractions ?n th? city. A guided tour ?? worth t?k?ng t? find ?ut ?ll ?b?ut th? history ?f th? building. It’s ?l?? f?und r?ght ?n Metro Line 5 ?? it’s easy t? reach.

2. Parc Guell

La Sagrada Familia m?? b? Gaudi’s masterpiece, but Park Guell ?? ? close second. Th?? huge park ?? full ?f ? large number ?f attractions designed b? Gaudi, w?th n?w wonders appearing ?r?und ?v?r? corner. It g?t? ?t? n?m? fr?m Eusebi Guell, wh? commissioned ?t t? b? ? luxury villa f?r himself, ?nd w?? built b?tw??n 1900 ?nd 1914. At ?n? point ?t w?? g??ng t? ??nt??n luxury houses f?r th? rich residents ?f Barcelona, but luckily ?t w?? converted ?nt? ? public park th?t ??u ??n walk ?r?und f?r free.

S? impressive ?? th? park th?t ?t w?? declared ? UNESCO World Heritage Site, ?nd ?t includes La Torre Rosa, Gaudi’s ?ld house th?t h?? n?w b??n converted ?nt? ? museum. Th?r? ?r? ?l?? numerous statues ?nd ? wonderful viewing area w?th ? cafe t? admire th? city fr?m above. It’s ? steep walk t? th? top, ?nd th?r? ?r? ?v?n outdoor escalators t? h?l? ?l?ng th? way, but it’s m??t d?f?n?t?l? worth it.

3. Camp Nou

F?r ?n? fan ?f th? beautiful game, ? trip t? Barcelona ?h?uld n?t d?f?n?t?l? include ? visit t? th? stadium ?f ?n? ?f th? b??t teams ?n Europe. Th? Camp Nou ?? ?n? ?f th? b??t stadiums ?n th? continent, wh??h ?? fitting ?? ?t ?? home t? ?n? ?f th? b??t teams ?n th? world. W?th ? capacity ?f ?v?r 90,000, ?t ?? ? vast arena th?t ?? impressive ?n?ugh ?n ? simple guided tour. But ?f you’re lucky ?n?ugh t? catch ? game h?r? th?n ?t w?ll b? ?n experience ??u won’t forget. And ?h?uld ??u b? r??ll? lucky ?nd g?t ? seat t? witness th? visit ?f Barcelona’s arch rivals Real Madrid, you’ll b? ?bl? t? watch ?n? ?f th? m??t passionate games ?n world football.

Built ?n 1957, th? stadium ?l?? hosts ? shop, ? chapel f?r th? players ?nd th? m??t visited museum ?n th? wh?l? ?f Catalonia, w?th ?v?r ? million people making th? journey t? th?? Mecca ?f football t? witness th? ?v?r 400 trophies th?t Barcelona FC h?? managed t? gather dur?ng ?t? reign. N?t t? b? missed.

4. Picasso Museum

Barcelona ?? ? city ?f art, ?nd n?wh?r? d? ??u realise th?? m?r? th?n ?n th? Picasso Museum. Th?? ?? ?n absolute mu?t f?r ?n??n? w?th ?v?n th? slightest interest ?n Pablo Ruiz Picasso, ?nd f?r real fans ?t w?ll b? ? definite highlight ?f ??ur trip.

Th?r? ?r? ?v?r 3,800 works ?n th? permanent collection, ? hugely impressive wealth ?f incredible artworks th?t show th? development ?f th? artist fr?m young experimentalist t? modern master. Opening b??k ?n 1963, th? museum ?? rightfully ?l???d ?n Barcelona, ? city wh??h Picasso shared ? real connection w?th thr?ugh?ut h?? life.

Regular exhibitions ?r? ?lw??? changing, ?? ??u n?v?r kn?w qu?t? wh?t you’re g??ng t? get, ?nd th? building itself, situated r?ght ?n th? heart ?f th? ?ld city, helps bring th? experience t? life.

5. Las Ramblas

On?? you’ve ???n ?ll th? main attractions ?f Barcelona, g?t ?ut ?n th? open air ?nd t?k? ? stroll d?wn Las Ramblas. Th?? ?? th? large street thr?ugh th? centre ?f th? city th?t ?? ?v?r 1.2 kilometres ?n length. Lined b? trees ?nd completely pedestrian, ?t stretches fr?m Placa de Catalunya t? th? Christopher Columbus monument.

It ?? ?n reality ? number ?f d?ff?r?nt streets, ?ll g?v?n d?ff?r?nt names f?r d?ff?r?nt parts. Th? final part, th? Rambla de Mar, g??? r?ght d?wn t? th? harbour. Lots ?f shops, restaurants ?nd tourists fill th? street, ?nd ?n ? sunny day th?r? ?? n? b?tt?r w?? t? ??? th? city b? foot.