Using Google Maps to Travel Easier

Using Google Maps to Travel Easier

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It goes without saying that traveling 10 years ago was a very different experience. Instead of struggling to communicate directions to local places of interest with actual local people, most travellers, especially the you ger generation, now opt to use apps to navigate the globe. Whilst this way is much quicker and simpler, I can’t help thinking that you do lose many levels of that personal interaction when armed with a phone in your pocket and an army of apps.

Anyhow, if you are a traveller who decides to Google Map your way around the world, here’s a few tips to make that experience even simpler, as if it wasn’t already simple enough.

Use Offline Maps

You don’t need an Internet connection to use the Google Maps app on your phone or tablet. In a world where roaming data is typically still expensive, slow, or both, this is a huge bonus.

You can now download maps to the app ahead of time, and use them while traveling. You can even keep your phone in flight mode while navigating, since GPS will still work.

You can do this for as many cities or regions as you like (or at least, as you have storage space for), then delete them when you’re done. You’ll want to download them over Wi-fi, since the maps can be quite large.

Create Custom Maps

Not many people know about Googles custom map maker. It’s a really good way of creating a visual itinerary for yourself, or showing others where you went on your travels. The tool is super-easy to use, and custom maps can be shared with anyone else as needed.

While you can’t use the usual Google Maps app to create custom versions, there are a couple of little-known tricks that let you view, edit and create custom maps on mobile.

On Android, you can download the dedicated My Maps App.

Add Various Stops on Your Journey

Plan out your route for the day all at once, with multiple stops along the way.

Just get directions between the first two locations as usual, then tap the menu icon on the top right and choose ‘Add Stop’. Search for the next location, and click ‘Add Stop’ as many times as you like until your route is finished.

You’ll see the route mapped out in the app, with each stop assigned a letter. You can change the trip method (car, walking, etc), drag a stop to a different spot if you need to change the order, and delete or add new stops while you’re on the go.