The Most Valuable Place to Travel in Autumn.

The Most Valuable Place to Travel in Autumn.

Now it is the best season of a year – autumn, because it is neither very hot nor very cold. Autumn is a season for going out and having a travel. You may ask: there are so many beautiful places, but our spare time is limit. So how can we choice the place to travel? Where is the valuable place to travel in autumn? Don’t worry, and today I’ll introduce the most valuable place to travel in autumn for you. It is just the Jiuhua mountain.

1.#The highest hilltop – Tian tai
Tian tai is the highest hilltop of Jiuhua mountain where you can see the Yellow Mountain and the longest river in Chain, Changjiang river. At this place, you’ll watch so many mountains and just feel they are all very small under you feet. It is very cool here no matter it is how hot at the feet of mountains .You’ll see the cloud sea.

2.#The most beautiful stone – the flower stone scenery
The flower stone scenery is made of different shape and kinds of stone. They all take cheap levitra uk shape by nature. You can see it as different things or animals in different place where you stand. Some of them like a monk hat, and some of them just like a monkey that is watching the moon. The others like a tortoise, large fabulous bird and so on.

3.#The most famous thing – the temple

The Jiuhua mountain is famous for the Buddhism. So the kinds of temple are its feature. In the autumn there are many important days of the Buddha, so you can see many different activities about Buddhism at this time. It’s very lively in the mountain. You can also see the greatest real dead body which is still exists by died many years ago.

4.#The clever wild monkey
In the autumn, the monkey is lack of food so that they need to search things to eat in the mountain. So it is the best time to watch the clever wild monkey.

Believe me, It’s the most valuable place to travel – the Jiuhua Mountain.