Ways to make your Store look more Inviting to Customers

Ways to make your Store look more Inviting to Customers

First impressions count and if your shop-front is looking decidedly shabby, perhaps it’s time to do something about it and transform your place of business into a shining beacon for potential customers! Check out these easy-to-implement suggestions on how you can improve the look of your store and get going!

Think like a Customer

While you may think that your shop front is a glittering gateway to a consumer paradise, you should remember that as the owner, you’re almost certainly biased. Try and put yourself in the mindset of a possible customer and then go and look at how your shop might look to an outsider. If you can’t do this yourself, then get a friend or impartial relative to do it for you. Ask yourself if you’d be attracted to your shop if you were someone else. Be honest with yourself.

A Lick of Paint

Is the paint on your shop-front new and sparkling or tattered and peeling? Does it look fresh, or old and tired? If the paint is looking a tad worse for wear, your shop may well be projecting a negative image to potential customers. The good news is that fixing the problem is relatively easy; you can either stick with the existing colour scheme and simply renovate the old paint work, or take the opportunity to redo the whole lot. Give some thought to possible new and alternative colour schemes – is there a particular colour that really ties in with your business?

Dirty Windows

Hand prints, smudges, cobwebs and a general build-up of dirt – with all these potential problems, it’s extremely difficult to maintain clean and clear windows on a daily basis. However, if you want to attract customers, this is hugely important. After all, if a customer sees an unclean window front, why on earth would they think the inside would be any better? Impressions are formed in seconds, so do yourself a favour and implement a regular window-cleaning roster for your employees.

Attractive displays

OK, so your windows are sparkling but what’s the point if you don’t have anything to display? If your business relies on seasonal produce, then get creative and put together a display that is themed around whatever is new and fresh. Don’t leave a Christmas display up until Easter. By regularly changing your displays, you will attract customers who will be keen to sample your latest wares.

Welcoming Staff

You could have the best products in the world but if your staff are rude and unwelcoming, you won’t sell a thing. Is there a bell on the door so you know a client has come in? Do your staff immediately jump on potential customers or allow them the time and space to browse? Don’t stand there with your arms crossed – wear a smile and have an approachable air.

If all else fails, call in the experts; a professional cleaning company such as AMC Brisbane will be sure to have your store crystal clear in no time! So, what makes a shop attractive for you? Have you ever left a store immediately after entering it? Share your thoughts on what gives a place of business a good (or bad) appearance.