What you need to know about Namibia

What you need to know about Namibia

Fish River Canyon

Namibia ?? ?n ideal destination f?r th??? wanting th? full African safari experience, ?nd n?t short ?f places t? visit:

Etosha National Park

Th?? ?? ?n? ?f th? b??t African safari game reserves ??u ??n find, w?th ?t? waterholes attracting tens ?f thousands ?f thirsty animals dur?ng th? dry season. Oth?rw??? th? land ?? composed m??tl? ?f sparse shrubbery ?nd silvery sands, ?nd h?? ? stark beauty ?ll ?f ?t? own. Th? roads ?r? v?r? w?ll developed, meaning th?t ? self-drive safari ?? perfectly ?????bl? ?f ??u w?nt ??m? independence.

Th? Kalahari

It m?ght b? th? world’s largest continuous stretch ?f sand, but it’s n?t technically ? desert due t? ?t? modest amount ?f annual rainfall. Th?? means th?t th? Kalahari plains ?r? home t? luscious vegetation ?nd woodland, n?t t? mention wildlife galore; ? combination th?t r??ll? m?k?? ?t ?n ideal safari destination. In th?? surreal ?nd endless space ??u ??n ?l?? arrange ? meeting w?th th? indigenous San Bushmen, wh??? “clicking” language ?? fascinating t? hear.

Fish River Canyon

Africa’s largest natural gorge, th?? canyon ?? ? trul? spectacular natural w?nd?r ?nd ? must-see f?r ?n??n? planning ?n African safari holiday t? Namibia. Ov?r 500 million year old, th?? canyon suddenly drops vertically d?wnw?rd? f?r h?lf ? kilometre best place to order levitra online w?th absolutely n? warning. Th? Fish River Hiking Trail ?? th? country’s m??t popular hiking trail, t?k?ng approximately f?ur days ?nd covering 86km.


Part ?f th? Namib Desert, th??? towering sand dunes ?r? th? highest ?n th? world, ?nd ?r? ? breathtaking sight. Th?? ?? ? constantly shifting landscape ?? th? winds continuously push th? sands furth?r inland, creating dazzling patterns ?nd shapes. A climb u? ?n? ?f th??? dunes w?ll give ??u ? spectacular panoramic view ?f th? entire area.


A narrow 44km strip ?f land ?n th? f?r north-east, th?? ?? th? wettest region ?n Namibia, ?nd home t? wetlands, rivers ?nd floodplains. Home t? aquatic creatures l?k? crocodiles ?nd rhino, ?nd ?f ??ur?? ? multitude ?f ?th?r game ?nd bird species, th? wildlife ?? ? great attraction h?r? – ?? t?? ?r? th? raging rapids kn?wn ?? th? Popa Falls.

Th? Skeleton Coast

It m?ght t?k? ?t? ominous n?m? fr?m th? m?n? shipwrecks th?t litter ?t? beaches ?l?ng w?th th? washed-up bleached bones ?f seals ?nd whales, but th? landscape ?n th?? region ?? ?n fact v?r? varied, w?th undulating sand dunes giving w?? t? volcanic canyons ?nd majestic mountain ranges. Still, th?? remains ?n? ?f th? m??t atmospheric destinations f?r ?n African safari.